When We Cook Together #bookreview

This is what the FIRST page says: Jacob is six and loves to cook. He loves being in the kitchen and using the pots, skillets and utensils. Jacob loves the aroma of fresh ingredients, spices and something good baking in the oven. But most of all, he loves spending time with his Mom.

Except for being six years of age, this sounds EXACTLY like my son! Just from this page, I am in LOVE with this book. This could totally have been written about us. Even the son having blond hair, and mom having reddish brown could totally be us in 5 years (does anyone see the resemblance? I do have blue eyes.. but other than that?)


cooking 2

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YOU could make his dream come true

PLEASE VOTE for Samuel to play on court with the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS! Voting for this round is only open for 24 hours from now until Friday, July 17 at 12 p.m EST.

TO VOTE on Facebook ALL you have to do is comment VIDEO B on THIS POST.

If you have Instagram–you can ALSO go there and comment VIDEO B which will count as a SECOND vote.

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My OWN Tupperware Site!

I am so excited to announce that I now have my own site for Tupperware now http://nkauk.my.tupperware.ca/  From here, you can directly place orders and I will be able to see and manage them.

I am still offering the 10% off to anyone making purchases on ANY item, including those already on sale before July 10th 1pm EST. Act fast and I will ALSO add a free gift with every order!

Remember, I ship to ANYWHERE in Canada. Please share this on social media for me to help spread the word. ALL proceeds are going to Little Man so I can get diapers.


Mention #FREEgift when you’ve placed an order either here on my blog, my FB site, or email me and I’ll send you back 10% before you even get your Tupperware products to your door


Write below what item you think Little Man is holding to get another prize with your order. Use link www.nkauk.my.tupperware.ca to help

Canadian Day Tupper-Offer EXTENDED

I have decided to extend my offer giving 10% off EVERY TupperWare item since so many Canadians were, hopefully, out enjoying the celebrations and fireworks, and were most likely then not reading blog posts. I am ONLY offering this to YOU my loyal blog followers…and all your friends!

This is the LAST time I will ever offer this! You have July 9th to message me for an order. Message me HERE to place your order, or ask any questions. I will be putting in my orders the evening of Friday July 10th.  Mention TUPPER-OFFER so I know you’ve seen my blog post when ordering!

Please share: Tweet, Facebook and re-blog this post for me if you have any Canadian friends or followers!! Anything I earn will be going towards helping pay for Little Man’s toys, food, diapers, etc.

11018608_10153429428203536_6791151559912785782_n   11694892_10153354197135600_2268700441671186869_n

I’m out of work now for the summer without any assistance of EI since I only just returned teaching after Easter once we were approved for daycare and the school year is now over 😦

So… TupperWare will hopefully help pay the bills 😀

The prizes previously offered by my manager yesterday were only a one day deal (sorry to those who wanted to place an order and didn’t contact me, as there had been some huge ones). There will be prizes still offered for those who place orders!

Happy Canada Day!

Today is my 31st birthday…so I wanted to give a gift to all my followers AND their friends to help me celebrate my 31 years of life!

As some of you may recall, I recently started selling TupperWare, and since it’s also Canada’s birthday I thought I would offer a special discount of 10% off ALL items (even those already on sale like the amazing deals pictured below).

You can see the main catalogue here: http://nkauk.my.tupperware.ca/

You can place an order directly on that page, or click here to message me on FB what you’d like BEFORE July 10th, 1pm EST.

LASTLY, I have a post on my Facebook wall HERE. Anyone who shares, likes and comments on THAT post will be entered into a draw for a prize(s)*.

I am able to ship ANYWHERE IN CANADA. Open to anyone with access to a valid Canadian shipping address (even if you do not live in Canada)! Mention you were directed to my post from my blog, and if you win, you will get a BONUS gift from me!!

Tell me below what item on sale catches your eye. Is there one from the catalogue you cannot live without or wish you had in your collection?  Click on the pictures to see them larger.


This is all of the items on sale in one picture. Click each picture to see them larger.

The rest have more details for you about each item. Additional giveaway details at the bottom of my post.

2 Garden Fresh

3 FridgeSmart Pepper Containers

4 Backyard Entertaining

6 Date me

7 Host free gift

8 Princess Party

9 Disney Princess

10 Fun in the Sun Perks

11 Opportunity

14 Back page

GIVEAWAY DETAILS (the fine print)

*Number of winner(s) will depend on the number of shares (more shares and sales equal more winners/prizes!!).

* Winner(s) will be selected via random draw

* Selection will be recorded and available to anyone to view as proof of winners.

*Winner(s) will be directly contacted by me and will have 72 hours to respond.

*Open to ANYONE with a Canadian mailing address available to them!

– this is being run by me and is not in any way affiliated with Facebook.

Here is my post from Facebook again:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Like AND share THIS post. Then comment below to be entered into a draw for a prize(s)* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~…

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I am branching out

Photo from a google search

I’ve just signed up for a new review company called BrandBacker. I am hoping to have new items to review for you, my followers, and maybe be able to host some more giveaways as well!!!

I’ve been messaging a few other companies, in addition to promoting/marketing myself and my blog. I am REALLY hoping to get in touch with Canadian companies and more local products.


Another company:


Soup of the day! – Lentils Soup

Oh my goodness, I just stumbled across this blog and the food/recipes looks amazing and not too hard to make. I intend to make a few of these especially the creamy tomato soup and their Lentil soup, and I’ve only just scratched the surface of their recipes


soup of the day - lentils soupSoup of the day – Lentils Soup

This lentils soup is a perfect solution every time I want to eat something healthy, delicious and want to detox after “fully immersion into food” during holidays like Easter. The soup has very few ingredients and it is very easy to make. You can have it when outside is cold or even as a perfect vegetarian dish. You can add croutons,pasta or even rice in it.

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