Terry Treetop….

By Tali Carmi

Finding new friends, searching for home, a lost egg and saving a dolphin. . . What do all the above have in common you might ask? They are the titles to some AMAZING children’s books written by Tali Carmi.

Feel like you’ve seen that name before? I’ve been reviewing her books about Abigail, who uses her magical bike to travel to places like the JungleNorth PoleSahara Desert and most recently a Tropical Island.

This time, I’m going to introduce you to her series about a small boy with red hair and freckles. His name is Terry, but everyone calls him Terry Treetop because he loves to climb trees. These books are geared towards children 3-8 years of age.


Finds New friends

Terry’s dad builds him a tree house at the very top of his favourite tree in their backyard, and while he loves being so high above everything, he is lonely. So, he decides to finds new friends to join him in the tree house.

He mostly asks the same thing to each person he meets, so it’s awesome for younger readers, knowing what to expect, and could help repeat the line. I also love that Terry Treetop talks in rhymes. Here is the rhyme line that repeats: “Hey, Betty, you sure look busy, / but I have a new house on a tree. / Would you like to visit there and play with me?”

Terry Treetop asks and asks, but everyone is busy, will he find a friend or give up? Read the book to find out!

In Terry Treetop Finds New you are given an educational Card Game to download.


Where is my home

Where is my home?

It’s summer vacation and Terry Treetop is, where else, up a tree! He sees a beautiful butterfly and follows it, far away from home, and cannot remember how to get home. He meets a rabbit, beaver, fawn and squirrel, who offer him their home and food. Will he ever find his way home? Read the book to find out.

This is a great book about different animals’ habitats, and types of food they eat. It would also be a great conversation starter about not wandering away from home. It might also be useful, for older readers, to discuss talking to strangers, as not all are as friendly or helpful as those he encounters along his way.

The free gift this time is… ANOTHER BOOK!   Terry Treetop and The Lost Egg (FREE!!!!!)


Saves dolphin

Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphins: Age 3-8

This time, Terry is camping with his parents at a marine nature reserve and climbs the highest tree he can find to check out his surroundings. He sees dolphins jumping and names the smallest one “Dido” deciding that dolphins, like children, just want to have fun when they are young. That’s when it happens, Dido is curious, swims through a hole in a net to check out Terry and gets caught. The hole is too small for Dido’s mother to help. How will Dido escape his mother is so far away? Read to find out how Terry Treetop Saves the Dolphin!

This book is written for children 3 – 8 years of age. Younger children will love having this read to them and older children can read this on their own, some may need help with a couple words. I like the message about littering in the ocean (even with nets) and how that can impact dolphins (and other ocean dwellers). Just recently we had someone in my small home town notice a LOT of garbage on the ice road, with temperatures warming up, all of that would have ended up in our lake, which is where we catch the fish we eat in the summer. I was so thankful she caught the entire bag of garbage littered all over the ice and was willing to clean it up, keeping our beautiful lake safer for us. This is a good lesson for people of any age I believe.

With this book Terry Treetop and The Lost Egg was mentioned again as being free. There was also a flip-book, but I hadn’t been able to get it to download properly. Not seeing any mention of it now, so they might be working on getting it fixed: D

Lost Egg

The Lost Egg is another EXCELLENT Terry Treetop book. This time, from a high tree limb, Terry spots… an egg, which he promises to bring to its home safely. It does not belong to Sandy the turtle, nor Ally the alligator, or even Fergi the frog. It doesn’t belong to Betty the hen either. Will he ever find the eggs home and mother? Read this story to find out!

I had NO idea that alligators use their mouth to transport their babies to the water, or as a place to keep them safe. I thought that was a really cool detail that was given in the book. It was neat to learn about all the different ways and locations animals use to lay eggs. I thought it was very informative, with excellent pictures throughout the story. I do not think you will be disappointed with this book at all.

Talon: The Windwalker Archive – Book 1

Currently 2.99 on Amazon

One of my favourite types of books to read are those of the first people living in tribes. This one is right up my alley of happy reads.

I would recommend this book to adults due to subject matter that younger readers might find difficult.

That being said I was lost in their world. It was an extremely well written book I REALLY enjoyed. Stayed up way later than I should have reading this in only a day. I wish the ending was different, left everything hanging, but there is a second book, so hoping some of the wrong are righted!!! I hope to read more from this author! Zero spelling mistakes or formatting errors, and everything flowed without repetition. One of the better books I’ve reviewed for sure.

A baby born to a dying mother, barely 7 months pregnant, from the black plague. Compared to the 8 foot Giants of his people he is small, a runt, not worthy of life. In the past, they would have thrown him off a cliff as an offering to the Gods. Due to dwindling numbers of their tribes, they now make them slaves. They might be declared a slave from birth, or, like Talon, when they come of age (16 years old) if they do not “measure up” in height. He becomes a slave who dreams of more, and sees beauty in a hard world. He finds those he calls friends – a beautiful red head Akkeri and a one armed man Jahsin who becomes the brother he never had. He endures much hardship and torment, but maintains his kindness and care for others. Some have sought for his death since birth, will they kill him or does fate have something else in mind for him? Read to find out!

I was sent this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review

Never Ending Bad Day Giveaway

Never Ending Bad Day

Like the other two books I have read in the Lady Jenniviere’s Quill series of preteen books, I LOVE this 6th story she has written. I read this one in pretty much one evening, because I was so engrossed and wanted to know what would happen next. I had a feeling of where it was going, and was TOTALLY wrong. I love the twist of how deals with the looping days (don’t want to ruin it for you), and all her failed attempts to end the looping. It’s extremely well written, and the audience is in on the source of Misty’s misfortune every step of the way.


Stanley and Misty are two ordinary 14 year old neighbours and best friends. It’s almost the end of summer break and their families both have an amazing tradition. On the last day, they devote the day to their children for a “yes” day. Basically they pick what they do and eat – no vegetables, no learning and lots of fun! They see a funny little gargoyle perched in the middle of a wishing well and throws a coin, only it awakens the gargoyle and grants her wish, that this day should NEVER end. This could be a bad case of be careful what you wish for! BUT you know what they say when life hands you lemons….

Can Misty find a way to stop the never ending day set on replay? And what is with that weird looking gargoyle, Misty sure it used to be frowning, but its smiling now. . .

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FREE – Billy and the Ear Elves

Rated by the author for ages 3-8, this is an AWESOME book. Billy really loves ice cream, and after politely asking for some, and being denied he cries, stomps his foot, then throws himself on the floor in full on temper tantrum style.

BUT, does mom get upset, stressed out, or angry? No, she almost seems to ignore it. She has a secret weapon… magic Ear Elves! Read the story to see if this is something that might help your children!

I LOVED this book. Billy learns that yelling and screaming will get him nowhere because of the magic ear Elves. He learns if you want something you have to ask politely, even if you do not get your way. This would be an excellent resource for any parent to have on hand – especially those with young children. I also really liked how the book was written all in rhymes. It made it flow smoothly and was a very enjoyable read. I will definitely be keeping this one around for when my son is older!

Come to think of it, when I was babysitting a couple of boys when I was MUCH younger, I used to tell them something similar. It wasn’t as cool as magical ear elves, but I would tell them I cannot hear them when they yell and scream. Its just too loud for my ears to hear them right. So when they were ready to talk, I’d be right there!

Abigail and the Tropical Island Adventure

Tropical Island Adventure

Another excellent book by Tali Carmi that just came out this month!  Buy it HERE on Amazon.

11063378_10153156611313536_556429829_nThis time, Abigail is off to a Tropical Island, like so many of with we could do in the winter. It’s a cold day, and she cannot play outside so she begins to day dream of different places in the world that are always warm. She lands under a coconut tree and moves away quickly as she is afraid that one will land on her head.

Abigail meet Lelei who is listening to the ocean through a huge shell, which we learn absorbs the sounds around it, thus you an hear the ocean inside the shell. Maru, a professional pearl diver is also introduced in this story, and she learns that pearls come from oysters, in addition that a star fish is not really a fish. It is also Lelei’s birthday, and they are planning a huge party, but there is just one problem, there is no power. How will Abigail fix this so her guests will not be in the dark.

I think this book could be an awesome conversation starter with a class or your child at home. This book is packed full of interesting facts and things to ponder. Questions to discuss could include:

  • If coconuts fall often from trees, was Abigail really in danger
    • If a coconut does fall, and no one is around, does it make a sound :p
  • If you are at home/school, can you still hear the ocean in a conch shell. Have one if possible to check!
  • Do you think being a professional pearl diver would be a good job. Discuss any pros (playing in the water all day, lots of sun) and cons (holding your breath or getting wrinkly skin)
  • If you could do any job in the world, what would you like to do
  • What the heck is a archipelago!? Use the picture to help.
    • Its a bunch of islands by the way on a sea or stretch of water

I was sent this ebook free of charge in exchange for an honest review

Green Smoothies: Vegetarian Weight Loss

Green Smoothies

One of the newest fads out in the health world is smoothies. Or, is it really an old one…just greener? Gone are the pre-mixed, powdered shakes, replaced with fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, yogourt, coconut and almond milk — things to help the body run efficiently.

The book starts off listing different ingredients and what they are known to help with, such as apples being a source of fibre, aiding in digestion and regulating blood sugar. So if you are looking for a specific health benefit, you’d want to start in Chapter 1. Not every ingredient is listed however, so further research might be needed. Also, there are no links or references provided to verify this information given.

They stated in Chapter 2 that blending can help you digest and absorb nutrients as much as 90% more than chewing alone. Which is a large part of why smoothies have become so popular, in addition to hiding the taste of some vegetables that some people are not fond of with fruit and other natural sugars.

The book suggests to replace breakfast and lunch with a green smoothie*, and to eat a well balanced dinner with whole grains, fruits, vegetables and a source of complete protein (such as eggs, beans, rice, or quinoa) which “will” lead to weight loss.

*ALWAYS consult a doctor and/or nutritionist before starting a new diet plan. Why, you might ask? If you are taking any kind of medication, you never know if there could be some kind of interaction. With some prescriptions, for example, you cannot have grapefruit juice. It’s always best to check, and understand how your diets could affect your mood and energy level, or cause food-drug interactions. Source

Each recipe offers a nutrition information per serving, listing calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. There is also a cover page for each recipe talking about the nutrients, contents, how to use it, etc.

My friend Katie helped me to review this book. I have all the ingredients to make a couple, and have just been running nuts lately and haven’t had the time. Here is what she thought about two smoothies from the book.


Spinach and Citrus Smoothie

It took about 10 minutes to make (including getting the blender from the basement)! I really loved the orange flavour, although I did find it a bit sweet in the morning. I think if I made this smoothie again, I would use unsweetened plain yogourt (the recipe didn’t specify) and I would add some avocado or frozen green peas to cut the sweetness. Or maybe I would make it the same and have it as an afternoon sweet treat! I really liked the texture; it was viscous so you could use a straw, but still had some pulp. All things considered, I would make this smoothie again, I just might cut down the sweetness depending on the situation.


Sweet potato, Spinach and Banana

So I really wanted to like this smoothie because it has so many yummy, nutrient packed foods (spinach, banana and sweet potato). It took longer to prepare because I had to make the sweet potato (which I chopped into 1 inch cubes and steamed). I didn’t wait for the sweet potato to cool before whipping up the smoothie (I was hungry), so it made the smoothie a bit warm. I decided to put it in the fridge to cool it down to get the full experience. I am sad to say that this wasn’t my favourite smoothie. It had a very thick texture, so I had to eat it with a spoon (think jarred baby food) and it has a bit too much of a sweet banana taste for me. If I were to do this again, I would add more liquid and maybe something to add a bit of texture. I think I would add something a bit acidic too, such as strawberries or another berry. A bonus with this smoothie is that I feel like I am getting super healthy while eating it.


Side note: I checked with Katie, and I think the sweet potato was supposed to be used raw (really surprised me too) so we think that would have definitely changed the texture – will try and make this one and give our thoughts

I think that many of the smoothies in the book look good, some are just not for me. Others, I would tweak either before or after trying based on my own personal tastes. I would not use these as meal replacements, but maybe more when I’m hungry between meals, or a cool snack on a warm day. Freezing some of the fruits or berries – if no ice is used, could be as a refreshing midday snack.

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I was sent this e-book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

FREE – Clean Food Diet E-Cookbook

For those of you who follow my blog, I reviewed this e-book a little while ago, and its currently FREE on Amazon.com. If you are interested, order this sooner, rather than later, as there is no way to know when the free promo will end. Is usually priced at $2.38 for the digital copy ($19 in print)

– you are getting a free DIGITAL copy that can be viewed on your Kindle, laptop or a cloud reader, available to be used on most mobile devices. The application can be downloaded on the listing

Its a great book to give you recipe ideas, and gives options for something different. Some of them are basic, but add in ingredients you have and love to make them your own if some of the recipes do not appeal to you. For example, I don’t use cilantro, but add in my own seasonings, and extra veggies, sometimes some meat, since its all vegetarian recipes.

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Tales of Spook GIVEAWAY

Tales of Spook by Lady Jenniviere's Quill

Noel is a normal, almost ten year old boy, who is tall, athletic, very popular and about to turn ten. He also happens to have a 7 foot purple monster living in his basement behind the dryer named Spook. Now Spook is not a normal monster, he wants to be . . . human! The only way is to switch bodies with a child on the night of their tenth birthday.

Noel is in a lot of trouble!! He does NOT want to be a monster, he loves his life, and his parents think he is crazy, not believing him about the grave danger he is in. Only his best friend Stacey believes him.  Can they stop this from happening? Read this book to find out.

You can even WIN your own copy of this s e-book for FREE*

Entry details below!

I really liked this story, it was well written and quite imaginative. There was not one, but two twists near the end that surprised me based on how the story was progressing. This is NOT your typical “and they all lived happily ever after” type of book! I also love that the protagonist of the story is a boy, so may stories seem to be geared for girls.

My only criticism is that it became repetitive with Spook stating he disliked being a monster who only ate lint and drank tea. How he just wanted to be human – BUT, I think for the age level of the book (ages 9-12) it was perfect. It shows how excited and determined he is.

I am very excited to read her next book

(HINT – another giveaway coming!)

*Winner will receive an electronic copy of the book via Amazon.com. If you do not have a Kindle, then you can download a free cloud reader right from the book listing. If you would like to buy this book, it is also available in paperback, Kobo and many other formats.

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Note from the Author: I wrote Lady Jenniviere’s Quill to make a difference in how children read. I want my books to offer important messages, to invite imagination, to show a different view point, but most importantly I want these books to teach kids that life isn’t always wrapped up in a neatly packaged happy ending. Sometimes the hero fails, sometimes the monster turns out to be the hero. Life isn’t black and white and I want my books to illustrate the beauty of the grey parts.

I wanted the reader to consider what makes a monster. Is it the outward appearance. Is it the result of choices made? Is it just the luck of the draw? Is there nothing that will change a person’s life path? Why do bad things happen to seemingly good people?