When We Cook Together #bookreview

This is what the FIRST page says: Jacob is six and loves to cook. He loves being in the kitchen and using the pots, skillets and utensils. Jacob loves the aroma of fresh ingredients, spices and something good baking in the oven. But most of all, he loves spending time with his Mom.

Except for being six years of age, this sounds EXACTLY like my son! Just from this page, I am in LOVE with this book. This could totally have been written about us. Even the son having blond hair, and mom having reddish brown could totally be us in 5 years (does anyone see the resemblance? I do have blue eyes.. but other than that?)


cooking 2

A few pages in and I am liking this more and more. Here is another quote from the book: “Today Jacob and his Mom are making Chocolate Balls. “Do you know why I like this recipe?” Jacob asked his Mom. “Why?” his Mom replied. “Because I know how to count up to 20, and you have to know how to count when you cook. Counting makes me feel special, and grownup!”

The language used is such that I think a younger child would enjoy hearing the book, and a slightly older child would be able to read it aloud to a parent. I LOVE that there will be counting in here. Especially at age 6 that’s a skill they become so proud about, so this feels real to life. They even go over the need to wash hands for safe food handling!

This is another thing I really like: 14 crackers are needed, 10 Tbsps sugar, 6 Tbsps of milk, etc. They could have easily made those measurements into “cups” but I am thinking the mom made it all tablespoons so her son Jacob would have more chances to count. I think that as Little Man is growing up and helping me more in the kitchen (okay, he helped with dishes tonight, but that meant I had more previously clean dishes to rewash) then I will be converting my recipes too!!

Jacob was in charge of the recipe. He read the card instructions all by himself, doing all of the work it looks like. Mom was just there to supervise and maybe read hard words. He was even allow to make choices, if it was to be rolled in sprinkles or coconut flakes. I think that there are enough instructions in the book that you could actually use this as a recipe to duplicate their chocolate balls!!!!

Random side note – there is a clock in the back of the pictures, and its actually changing time as the book progresses… that’s a really cool small detail that was added in by the illustrator. It even looks to be about true to time, as if they had a 6 year old do this, and track the steps timing!

LOVE the ending side note they added in: Stay physically close to your child. Physical closeness leads to emotional closeness. If your child recoils from hugs keep the physical contact minimal but consistent. You can stand close to them so your arm will touch theirs, or have your palm flutter their palm while mixing. There are many ways to keep physical closeness without imposing it. Keep practising this tip at all times, and your child might be willing to receive more of it.

There are also early learning tips AND the full recipe needed in a child friendly picture format (in addition to words) so you can most definitely make this recipe!

Really cool book, I recommend for anyone with young children who love the kitchen. The Kindle book is selling for only 0.98 cents right now and I feel that its worth that price!!!

Click HERE to view her website. She is offering FREE recipes and tips to help you get your kids into the kitchen, and having fun while spending time with them!

About the Author:

My name is Ally (Ayelet) Nathaniel. I’m a mom of three young children, a pastry chef, graduated with honours from Tadmor Culinary Institute, and baking & cooking instructor. I teach and give lectures about cooking and parenting at community centers, the school system and parents groups. I have more than 10 years of experience in the culinary world, as well as editing an on-line parenting magazine and managing parent oriented forums, supporting parents with child care and educational issues. I also wrote and published parenting articles in a parenting magazine. I currently lead parents support groups and teach Parenting by Connection. On my blog Playful Kitchen I share recipes and unique educational tips for parents.


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  1. Cooking with a child helps to instill many values and lessons, including nutrition, measuring accurately (especially when baking) and the general joy of ‘making’ something. Eventually everyone has to cook, start at an early age and they will carry on those lessons through their entire life! Sounds like a great book! 🙂

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