#shockshutter Protect Your Baby

You’ve seen CoverPlugs before (or at least I hope you’ve caught my past reviews on the plates you can use to cover an outlet and make it virtually disappear). But now, I want to show you a totally new product that is just being made available

Introducing Shock Shutter


According to the Shock Sutter company, there is a national code that  requires homes and businesses open to children to have Tamper Resistant electrical outlets or covers.  They have had the option, in the past to either turn off the power or use the regular outlet covers.

NOTE: I don’t see this happening at around in my Canadian community… even at the clinic walk-in waiting room, in the offices, nor at the health unit. Everywhere there are TONS of uncovered electrical outlets (they were always there before I had my son, but I notice them now a lot more!) – so the company may be speaking about an American code and not a Canadian one.

I have been very fortunate that my son is rarely interested in the outlets anymore, but there are days when I have to be right on top of him to make sure no fingers or toys are near them. It’s a very scary situation.

BUT, many other parents are not as lucky, their babies and toddlers never seem to get bored with the outlets, and are always trying to put their fingers, forks, keys and toys into the holes.

Due to this reason, the Shock Shutter company has launched a US Electrical code compliant outlet that is tamper resistant, and looks like a regular cover. This is something brand new that they are just starting to create.

HOW do they work?

The plugs are designed to block objects such as a paperclip, pin, key, utensil, finger, or any other item from being pushed into one side of the plug. The “shutter” will only open when there is equal pressure on both prongs at the exact same time.

The great part about this design is that your plug is safe, without having to remove and remember to reinsert the plug. Plus they are super easy to install.


Another thing I like, is that they have different styles and colours so that you can best match what is in your home already.


You can check out their website or pre-order your own shock shutter for only $2.50!


#Verilux Full Spectrum Booklight Giveaway

While mine scratched pretty quick, as you can see in the video, I think that if you are careful with it (mine was in the box uncovered and must have gotten scratched that way) it won’t happen to yours.

That’s right, this book light can be yours to use anytime you want! To win, all you have to do is comment on my MommaKauk Facebook post HERE

This is available on their website for $19.95 and ships to Canada and the United States.


Product Description from the promoter

The Verilux PageLight is the perfect companion for reading especially at night!  No more using your cell phone light or disturbing your partner with the bedside light while reading.  The PageLight uses Natural Spectrum light you can customize to illuminate the page without glare.

Verilux PageLight™ Natural Spectrum® Flat Panel Book Light features:

  • * Light is spread evenly across the flat panel screen and illuminates each page without glare
    * Light stays on the page and provides excellent black and white contrast
    * Built-in dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light level as preferred
    * 3-AAA batteries (sold separately) provide up to 50 hours of reading pleasure

Electric Callous Remover

One thing I can tell you… I DISLIKE MY FEET! I do not know if it’s because my arches collapse, or because they turn out, but no matter how much lotion or moisturizer I use, I find that my heels and big toes get giant callouses.


I’ve used various pumice stones in the shower, and they help, a little, but do not really get rid of the ones on my heels, and only help for a day or two for the ones on my big toes. When the chance to review an electric callous remover arose… I jumped on it. I have not been able to find one anywhere in Canada, so the promoter who approved me to try this out shipped to the boarder for me, and I picked it up when I was visiting with my mom.

Here is a quick video of the first time I used this…  (I have NO idea why YouTube removed my video… will have to re-read the TOS, I am thinking maybe because I was not doing the review in the video, so they found it advertising?)

It is SUPER easy to use, with minimal learning curve. If you are pushing too hard, it will stop rotating. Try not to let this happen as hubby thinks that will probably burn out the motor eventually. I found it removed the callous, but didn’t hurt my foot if it slipped off the callous and onto my normal skin. It made the callous come off almost as a powder. It was amazing getting down to smooth skin, and without the pain of the callous for almost a week.

Also, they send TWO rollers, not just the one. If you are planning to share this with a significant other or friend, do not use the same roller. If there is any foot fungus, warts, etc, then you could spread them. Each also comes with its own cover to keep it cleaner. To wash the roller, just run it under water. As an added bonus, they also sell replacement refill rollers, so you don’t have to buy the larger unit each time.

Currently, the rechargeable electronic callous remove is being sold for only $25 HERE, and two refills are sold for $9.99 HERE.

I received this, and all the products I blog about (unless otherwise stated) in exchange for my honest opinion. While I do not get compensated, I do get to keep the products (which is the best part). I try to be honest about any flaws I see, and give you truthful feedback, but all experiences are my own, and may differ from that of others.

“Insta-Snap” iPhone 6 Case #EasyTechInstaSnapCase

The case itself is very slim fitting, it is very fast to take the case off and on unlike many other cases I’ve tried in the past. The case is slightly flexible, but still provides good protection. One really cool thing about this case is that there is a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

AND… the first 2000 buyers get a FREE Tempered Glass screen protector made of glass, very similar to the iPhone screen itself (normally $14.97). I really like the screen protector. Little Man threw my phone (he rarely does that) and did manage to chip a small part of the screen protector, but I think he would have cracked my phone screen if this had not been on!  Not only that, but when I went to remove it, it cracked a little, and there was NO “broken glass” feeling to the glass, which is awesome encase it does ever happen to break on you!

When you buy this product, you get two awesome products in one.

The promoter that shipped this to me to try it out, also wants to give one to YOU! One amazing follower of mine, who is a US resident, or has access to a US mailing address, will get a iPhone 6 case ans screen protector shipped directly to their door!

HOW you ask, can you possibly get this?  Just …. go to my instagram post, like my post and comment there. If you do not have instagram, comment here on my blog post!

Magnetic Phone Mount

Infernal Innovations has an AMAZING phone mount now available to Canadians.

I’ve tried quite a few mounts and this is one of the best, if not the best I have ever tried. There is a very good, strong cup that comes with this. If you are wanting to put this onto a textured surface, as an added bonus they include an awesome adhesive pad as well.


It arrived in a square box, shown above…

Using a blue plastic phone case that I have reviewed before, I used the square magnet to attach the mount. There is the little piece of plastic that is sticking up, that is used to help suction to your car window or dash.

IMG_5260 IMG_5261


It comes with two diffferent magnets, one large square one to go behind a thinner case, or a smaller round magnet that can go on the back of your case if its too thick to work.



Available HERE for Canadians on Amazon.ca



Added Information by the Promoter

TOP RATED ✔ FRESHLY REVIEWED BY C-NET [2015], a highly respected electronics review site, this high-quality magnetic mobile phone car mount passes the test & will work with many different types of smartphones, eliminating the need to use bulky clamps as with standard phone mounts

EXTREME SUCTION ✔ This baby really sticks! Industry-leading suction gel will stick on almost any flat surface. If gel loses stickiness, simply rinse under water and air dry to restore the suction. Use on your windshield, dashboard, office desk, kitchen counter, plane or even your golf cart!

VERSATILE MANOEUVRABILITY ✔ Contact surface with smartphone can rotate 360° and swivel from side to side, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle. The magnetic top is reversible so you can actually brace a larger device against the base for additional stability. No other type of phone cradle can boast this useful feature!

PROTECTS YOUR PHONE ✔ Cell phone mount rubberized head works perfectly with the quad magnet array so that your phone is protected from scratches and so that it won’t slide off! The four strong magnets provide the piece of mind that your phone will be held gently but firmly exactly where you need it to stay. Multiple ways of inserting the metal plate guarantee that you will be able to use your phone with this product! Simply hold your device near the magnetic head and it will attach firmly to the phone mount.

BONUS GIFT ✔ While the magnet mount sticks almost anywhere, no suction cup sticks to 100% of dash boards with textured surfaces. As a FREE BONUS, we’ve included a stylish 75mm adhesive disk (8.99$ value) in case you have a particularly troublesome dash. We stand by our product and offer a risk-free 5 year warranty and a better than money-back 60 day guarantee.


#Esky LCD Display Electronic Digital Scale

I was sent a Portable LCD Display Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Scale with a Measuring Tape off to the side in exchange for an honest review. One awesome included feature is that the 2 AAA batteries were included, and it was only listed for $20 Canadian.

The hanging scale has a 110 lb or 50 kg capacity and a 5g-10g accuracy. I found that it was quite accurate with the few things I tried weighing, and you can change the screen as well to display in either grams, kilograms, pounds or ounces depending on what you are weighing – just push unit.

There is a measuring tape on the left side that extracts just over 3 feet, or one meter. The display lights up and will auto shut off after a little while (sorry, I didn’t think to time it).

11923047_10153543578698536_1389014068_n 11938202_10153543578688536_188106366_n

This would come in handy for weighing fish, or even while grocery shopping to weigh your veggies in the plastic bag.

One of the best things about this product, is that there is a full 12-month warranty which protects against manufacturing defects as of the purchase date.

You can purchase this scale via Amazon.com or Amazon.ca