I loved this book. I found it at touch slow at the beginning, but soon I was sucked into this little soap opera type novel and couldn’t put it down.

When everything you do you feel is the right course of action and still everything goes wrong, then you end up with this novels situation. A young pregnant girl is killed, when after rummaging through her car – all the while the police officer Randy is telling her to stop – she is shot when she quickly turns around holding a silver metallic item… her cell phone. Randy suffers from PTSD because of this, is not getting any support from her fellow officers and is not listening to her psychiatrist. All the right choices, lead to a very dark and troubling path she cannot escape….

Officer Randy Spelling had always wanted to be a police officer, to follow in the footsteps of her brothers and her father. Not long after joining the force, she mistakenly shoots and kills Lakeisha Gibbs, a pregnant teenager. The community is outraged; Lakeisha’s family is vocal and vicious in their attacks against Spelling.

Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and filled with remorse, Randy is desperate to apologize to the girl’s family. Everyone, including the police chief, warns her against this, but the young police officer will not be dissuaded. The results of her attempt are catastrophic.

Dr. Dot Meyerhoff, police psychologist, plunges herself into the investigation, despite orders from the police chief to back off. Not only does the psychologist’s refusal to obey orders jeopardize her career, but her life as well, as she enlists unlikely allies and unconventional undercover work to expose the tangled net of Officer Spelling’s disastrous course.

Check out this book for yourself on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca or the publishers website


#UrinalysisTest Strips Giveaway

The Urinalysis strips are useful in the preliminary screening for urinary tract infection, diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital, and kidney disorders etc before spend time and money on visiting Doctors. This Easy@Home Areta 10 Parameter (10SG) Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips (50 Strips/Bottle) product is approved by FDA and Health Canada.

      NOTE: For any Urinalysis Test Strips in bottles, no matter which brand it is, after the user opens the bottle, the strips are stable for up to 3 months only. ) 

Product Overview:

  • Tests for Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, Glucose
    Results may be read up to 2 minutes after dipping and any colour change after this amount of time should be ignored
    Screening at-risk patients to assist diagnosis in the following areas: diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital, kidney disorders, urinary tract infections, carbohydrate metabolism (e.g. diabetes mellitus), liver function, acid-base balance and urine concentration


  • FDA and Health Canada Approved
    The colour block is very clean cut and simple
    The colour changes quickly and results are available within 2 minutes
    Eliminate doctor visits by testing yourself at home
    50 Test strips in one bottle make no waste within shelf life

Available HERE, along with other cool things like a baby Doppler system for hearing heartbeat, for under $42, body fat scale, TENS, pregnancy tests and more


I found that these worked well, and were easy to read. There is no “pee collector” provided, so I suggest a plastic or paper cup. You only need to insert the stick for 1-2 seconds and can read up to 2 minutes later. While they state professional use only on the bottle, it could be handy for home use if needing to keep a close eye on certain levels, then go see your doctor as needed. I would not recommend these strips to be used rather than consulting a physician as results can be misinterpreted and should not replace doctor consultation if you believe something is wrong.

I received these strips in exchange for my honest review. AND – there is a giveaway available to anyone living in the USA (or with access to a US mailing address). One winner will be selected by random number generator, and odds depend on the number of entries. It is up to the promoter to send the prize, MommaKauk passes along the winners information only. Closes in 3 days (October 28, 2015). TWO winners will be selected.

To enter, simply comment on this blog post with how you think you could use this product!

Please note: the product is not allowed to be resold and is intended to be used by yourself or a family member (as per the promoter)

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 is a puppet movie from VeggieTales creator PHIL VISCHER! Kids will enjoy Buck Denver’s latest adventure with his friends from What’s In the Bible? There are also many humorous nods to Star Wars and Star Trek. More importantly, Phil Vischer’s gifted teaching delivers a clear message, communicating important Biblical truths that adds to ones faith foundation.

About the movie:
Buck Denver has a simple dream – to save the galaxy. Working for the Galactic Mission Board, Buck dreams of carrying God’s love to every corner of the Milky Way! There are a few things stopping him….. he doesn’t have a starship. Or a crew. Or even a captain’s license. (Just a few minor set-backs really…..). Against all odds, he get the chance to go on a real mission into deep space, but things don’t go at ALL like he imagined! If he’s doing what God wants him to do, why is everything going wrong?

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 is a wild, galactic adventure that teaches kids a powerful lesson about trusting God with everything – even our dreams!

I was sent an advanced screening of this movie, and thought the movie was well polished. It delivers an important message to kids. God does not want you to do “big things”, God just wants you.

“The fruit of the Spirit doesn’t come from working for God, it comes from walking with God.”

You can see more information about this movie that was just released October 20, 2015 on their website, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also get a FREE family pack (need to enter your email address on their site).

#FlashMath Application

Simple, clean, and effective way to learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

Flash Math is an educational application that is designed to help increase your student’s speed at answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts correctly. Help your kids learn in a flash!

Flash Math creates a portable learning environment where students of all ages can practice math flash cards on their mobile device. Don’t waste time trying to locate all the flashcards in a store bought deck, use Flash Math on a mobile device so they can practice anywhere, anytime. Help your kids achieve record response times by consistent practice with Flash Math.

Flash Math is an Apple and Android app:
Amazon.comGoogle StoreiTunes  — Its on Samsung as well.


I was sent this application to review. I found it’s good for basic math practice, but when they get into the “harder” large questions you get really small answers to pick from with one really large correct answer. I made up a YouTube video (no idea why the volume keeps messing up on these – sorry)

I was sent this app free in exchange for my review


Nightengale Novel

Imagine being left on the church steps as an infant, the only indication of your past is a note that states “Bron is Free.” From there you get thrown into social services where people imagine you are a problem child, and are moved from one bad home to another, where no one shows any love. And the one couple who does love you, and wants to adopt you at age three is told they can’t encase a birth parent comes to claim you and you’re immediately removed from their home. That was the life of Bron Jones.

Finally, when he was 13 years old and was removed from yet another bad family (think Harry Potter type of slavery) doing all the dishes, chores, etc, but also raising the woman’s other children, he is accused of stealing peaches from his obese foster mother. In his new home, Olivia Hernandez proves to be a good, caring mother… But there is one problem…. She is another species! It turns out Bron is too. But that is just the beginning of their problems. Aliens from a dark guild catch sight of them, and are hunting them. Bron is scared, entering a new school and discovering new powers of his own which might be stronger than has been seen in centuries.

Can the unlikely pair; cold Bron and caring Olivia; overcome their enemies, or will they be captured and be turned into mindless assassins? Read nightingale to find out!!!

I really, and I mean REALLY, loved this book. The main premise kind of reminds me of another novel I’ve read called “I am number four”. I read this over the summer and somehow never blogged about it (luckily I had written all this in a note pad app!!)

The pictures here below are from the promoters page. They were NOT in my e-book version I read but from  the enhanced e-book version of the novel.






I was not able to find this book on Amazon, but it is available on their WEBSITE

You can also check out their book trailer

Electric Callous Remover

One thing I can tell you… I DISLIKE MY FEET! I do not know if it’s because my arches collapse, or because they turn out, but no matter how much lotion or moisturizer I use, I find that my heels and big toes get giant callouses.


I’ve used various pumice stones in the shower, and they help, a little, but do not really get rid of the ones on my heels, and only help for a day or two for the ones on my big toes. When the chance to review an electric callous remover arose… I jumped on it. I have not been able to find one anywhere in Canada, so the promoter who approved me to try this out shipped to the boarder for me, and I picked it up when I was visiting with my mom.

Here is a quick video of the first time I used this…  (I have NO idea why YouTube removed my video… will have to re-read the TOS, I am thinking maybe because I was not doing the review in the video, so they found it advertising?)

It is SUPER easy to use, with minimal learning curve. If you are pushing too hard, it will stop rotating. Try not to let this happen as hubby thinks that will probably burn out the motor eventually. I found it removed the callous, but didn’t hurt my foot if it slipped off the callous and onto my normal skin. It made the callous come off almost as a powder. It was amazing getting down to smooth skin, and without the pain of the callous for almost a week.

Also, they send TWO rollers, not just the one. If you are planning to share this with a significant other or friend, do not use the same roller. If there is any foot fungus, warts, etc, then you could spread them. Each also comes with its own cover to keep it cleaner. To wash the roller, just run it under water. As an added bonus, they also sell replacement refill rollers, so you don’t have to buy the larger unit each time.

Currently, the rechargeable electronic callous remove is being sold for only $25 HERE, and two refills are sold for $9.99 HERE.

I received this, and all the products I blog about (unless otherwise stated) in exchange for my honest opinion. While I do not get compensated, I do get to keep the products (which is the best part). I try to be honest about any flaws I see, and give you truthful feedback, but all experiences are my own, and may differ from that of others.

#ThePillowFairy bedtime story

The pillow fairy is an adorable story about a little boy who does not want to sleep all by himself. 

One night his exasperated mother is looking out the window and notices a small ball of light “no bigger than your fist prancing around” (Peter pan reference). 

She smiles and tells her son all about the pillow fairy, who leaves presents for little boys and girls who stay in their bed all night without getting into their parents beds. 

I thought it was a really cute story, good pictures and a great idea if your little one won’t stay put. Luckily Little Man stays in his crib, but one day soon I’ll pull out this book and read it to him!

This is available on Amazon or you can also visit their Website

They are also on Facebook

Here is the beginning of the story with my Little Man at snack time. 

Run Baby

When you hear “run baby” are you like me, and horror images of babies running away into traffic are what comes to mind. 

Don’t worry, as that’s not the type of running baby I am going to talk to you about today. (At least not til the end)

Rather, it’s a pouch you can wear around your waist while running, jogging, or working out, without losing your cell phone, keys, credit card etcetera. 

My iPhone 6 was able to slip into the pouch easily enough, but while running around after Little Man, nothing fell out. Not sure if you can tell, but it opens on either side to slip in. Little Man was stealing this even as I was taking the picture (note blurry hand). 

They have a connected clip so you can attach your keys, if they happen to fall out, then they are still connected and dangling (can kinda see it in the first picture near his shoulder).

It seemed snug and secure on both my husband and myself. There is a wide band that you can snug up and helps it to stay in place. 

Little Man enjoyed showing how “not” to wear this belt with heavy supervision.   

Then he decided it was time for him to run too! Right after this picture he climbed up into the stroller and decided we were going for a walk around grammas neighbourhood!

Can see the key holder in this picture too by the top of his diaper. 
You can purchase run baby belts on Amazon HEREor you can visit Their website