“Insta-Snap” iPhone 6 Case #EasyTechInstaSnapCase

The case itself is very slim fitting, it is very fast to take the case off and on unlike many other cases I’ve tried in the past. The case is slightly flexible, but still provides good protection. One really cool thing about this case is that there is a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

AND… the first 2000 buyers get a FREE Tempered Glass screen protector made of glass, very similar to the iPhone screen itself (normally $14.97). I really like the screen protector. Little Man threw my phone (he rarely does that) and did manage to chip a small part of the screen protector, but I think he would have cracked my phone screen if this had not been on!  Not only that, but when I went to remove it, it cracked a little, and there was NO “broken glass” feeling to the glass, which is awesome encase it does ever happen to break on you!

When you buy this product, you get two awesome products in one.

The promoter that shipped this to me to try it out, also wants to give one to YOU! One amazing follower of mine, who is a US resident, or has access to a US mailing address, will get a iPhone 6 case ans screen protector shipped directly to their door!

HOW you ask, can you possibly get this?  Just …. go to my instagram post, like my post and comment there. If you do not have instagram, comment here on my blog post!

PURE 5:2 Transformation In 21 Days

WHY in the heck would you want to eat “pure”!? Well, this e-book will explain to you all about the benefits of healthy eating to eradicate a slew of different health concerns from obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and even sugar addiction (that is TOTALLY a thing). I do not think I am too addicted to sugar (maybe more to salt) but I know there are withdrawal symptoms… btw, having a TON of jello shooters while watching shows like Sweeney Todd, and then eating one every time they say Mrs. Loveit, or Benjamin Barker might be fun in your younger age (talking like 8 years ago now) might seem like fun, but TWO days later having a massive headache and feeling more hung-over than you ever have from alcohol… yikes, but thats another story, and WAY against the policy spoken about in this book!!

The first part of the book is largely information about why you want to eat Pure, and the benefits to this life style. Then, in chapter 5 they begin giving you conversions, recipes and tips.

One thing that my mother in law does everyday (and suggested by this book) is to drink a glass of warm lemon water each morning. It is an appetite suppressant, cleanses and “alkalinize”. They also suggest certain tools to use like a juicer, blender, food processor, and dehydrator.

Here is one page showing dressing recipes from the book.

There are some easy recipes, and some very beautiful ones


I did not do the 21 day challenge as life is crazy right now, but my mom-in-law has been following a very similar food life style (not really a diet, since it’s a constant for her) and has mentioned that she has lost weight and is feeling much more energized than before. When she “cheats” and has a treat, she can often feel the difference… and does not feel as good afterwards.

This ebook is available here, and HERE you can get a TON of FREE recipes as well from their UK site!!

I received this e-book in exchange for my honest opinion. I feel that there is a LOT of information at the beginning trying to convince you why their method of eating is the best, but that there is a lot of promise in the recipes I looked at, many look to be delicious, and even if you do not want to follow their 21 day diet, you could still pull a lot of healthy recipes to include into your meal planning.

Wiggle Seat by Sensory Solutions

As I mentioned in my last post, I received a second item from the US, just because I have seen something similar to these in the schools I work in (they are usually a wedge and not air filled) and thought it could be used with some of the special needs kids I see.

Today I was in a kindergarten class, as I had mentioned with my last post, but I was actually in two different classes. In this particular one, we have a little boy who seems to be very tactile, and sometimes doesn’t like to stay still. So I brought this to try it out with him. He liked to touch this and did try sitting on it several times. He also thought it was cool to roll it on the floor (would have to work on him with not doing this if used all the time).

Depending on the child, I think that it would be geared towards older grades, maybe starting around kindergarten or higher, but we also gave this to my Little Man (17 months at the time) to see what he thought of it. He too likes to sit, push and play with it.

Here are a few videos showing how it looks and works, and a few boo-boos. They are all 1-2 minutes long.

You can see the Amazon listing HERE, unfortunately this does not currently ship to Canada.

Oooo and I found out that if you do happen to over pump this (like we had it turns out) that you can put the air pump valve into the hole I showed on the video, and push on the seat… it will deflate!

P.SS It also helps their balance and builds their core muscles, and it’s fun to wiggle on! Can be used for children with special needs, as well as ANY child

Product Description by the Promoter

Wiggle seats have become popular with teachers and parents alike for their ability to calm the hyperactive child. Many parents have found wiggle seats to be a life saver during dinner and homework time. While teachers love them for the calming effect they can have on children, many even report improved behavior for ADHD and autistic children.

Besides the positive effects on behavior these discs have all the same benefits of sitting on a balance ball, activating the stomach muscles while sitting leading to better posture and less back strain from prolonged sitting.

#TheRhythmTree Musical Therapy

This music is AMAZING! My Little Man now says GO because of one of the songs. Also, just today I was in working with a kindergarten class in gym, and used the second song as a warm up “We’re Gonna Move,” and we all had so much fun! They seemed to really like the FREEZE……GO parts as well.

I am SO sorry for the sound quality, I am working on uploading another one in the next day or so with better volume. Sounded fine on my computer, but then not once it uploaded.

While this is marketed at children with special needs, I found that it was something I could easily incorporate into a K to grade 2 gym, drama and dance class because of the different musical and movement aspects, plus my Little Man no longer wants to listen to his musical mirror in the car, it’s this CD over and over again (good think I like the songs!) Actually, I find they are really catching and am humming them over and over again.

Also, there is a DVD that comes with this to help parents/educators in implementing the songs and how to accommodate children with special needs by modifying the instruments so they do not need to hold onto them, if unable.

I am SO glad I got the chance to review this one, as it is only on Amazon.com (had to go to the states to get this one, and my next review blog that should be posting in a few minutes) but because I am working in classrooms, often with students who have a vat array of special needs, I was really interested in checking this out!

It is available HERE on Amazon

#CaptiveMovie and Book Review

We’ve all had things we’ve went through. For some of us, it’s a break up, for others a car accident, a killer bad grade on your exam. Maybe it’s even loosing your job and having to move. The list of things are numerous, but for Ashley Smith, it was being held hostage in her own home, by a man named Brian Nichols who had already gone on a killing “spree” before making his way to her – several towns away.

Ashley was a recovering drug addict, who occasionally felt the need to use just a little – you know, to get her through the day. Her daughter was being raised by her mother and aunt, since Ashley was no longer safe to be around her daughter. She would become paranoid and reckless when high on “ice” (meth). She once thought that God wanted to drive the car for her, and let go of the steering wheel while going down a steep hill. She was checked into a mental institution after this, and went through rehab.

Even with all the problems in her life, she still was not able to stop using drugs. Not for the sake of her daughter while she was pregnant, nor now while trying to get her daughter back.

BUT — when Brian showed up in her parking lot, and shoved her into her own apartment at gun point, things began to instantly change. She spoke to him about God, about her daughter, and her past mistakes. After several hours, she began to realize that God made sure he arrived at her front door, and it was up to her to make sure no more people got hurt, including Brian. He lets her leave her apartment and he ends up turning himself into the authorities!

Not only is this story unbelievable, it is a TRUE story and also a major motion picture as of September 18th.

Here is the official movie trailer

The following is a Faith Featurette from the movie. 

You can also check out their Facebook Page

#StartWrite PRINTING software GIVEAWAY!

I have another giveaway for you, and this time, you will win software to create and print your own customized worksheets either as blank lines, with tracing dots to help out young writers learn to print.

This program works for WINDOWS computers only (sorry to all those with really cool, advanced apple laptops and desktops).

EDIT: I am sorry for my previous confusing title, this does printing and not cursive, but you could print out the blank lines, then hand-write in yourself. Then other blank lines below could be used for practicing!


Continue reading

Magnetic Phone Mount

Infernal Innovations has an AMAZING phone mount now available to Canadians.

I’ve tried quite a few mounts and this is one of the best, if not the best I have ever tried. There is a very good, strong cup that comes with this. If you are wanting to put this onto a textured surface, as an added bonus they include an awesome adhesive pad as well.


It arrived in a square box, shown above…

Using a blue plastic phone case that I have reviewed before, I used the square magnet to attach the mount. There is the little piece of plastic that is sticking up, that is used to help suction to your car window or dash.

IMG_5260 IMG_5261


It comes with two diffferent magnets, one large square one to go behind a thinner case, or a smaller round magnet that can go on the back of your case if its too thick to work.



Available HERE for Canadians on Amazon.ca



Added Information by the Promoter

TOP RATED ✔ FRESHLY REVIEWED BY C-NET [2015], a highly respected electronics review site, this high-quality magnetic mobile phone car mount passes the test & will work with many different types of smartphones, eliminating the need to use bulky clamps as with standard phone mounts

EXTREME SUCTION ✔ This baby really sticks! Industry-leading suction gel will stick on almost any flat surface. If gel loses stickiness, simply rinse under water and air dry to restore the suction. Use on your windshield, dashboard, office desk, kitchen counter, plane or even your golf cart!

VERSATILE MANOEUVRABILITY ✔ Contact surface with smartphone can rotate 360° and swivel from side to side, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle. The magnetic top is reversible so you can actually brace a larger device against the base for additional stability. No other type of phone cradle can boast this useful feature!

PROTECTS YOUR PHONE ✔ Cell phone mount rubberized head works perfectly with the quad magnet array so that your phone is protected from scratches and so that it won’t slide off! The four strong magnets provide the piece of mind that your phone will be held gently but firmly exactly where you need it to stay. Multiple ways of inserting the metal plate guarantee that you will be able to use your phone with this product! Simply hold your device near the magnetic head and it will attach firmly to the phone mount.

BONUS GIFT ✔ While the magnet mount sticks almost anywhere, no suction cup sticks to 100% of dash boards with textured surfaces. As a FREE BONUS, we’ve included a stylish 75mm adhesive disk (8.99$ value) in case you have a particularly troublesome dash. We stand by our product and offer a risk-free 5 year warranty and a better than money-back 60 day guarantee.


Stroller Travel Bag by #AngelBaby

As some of you know, I live in a fairly remote area of Northern Ontario, my old town had just over 1000 people. I’ve moved to the “BIG” city now, with just over 4000 population now over 5-6 small towns! LOL

So, needless to say, if you want to go anywhere, either you drive for a long amount of time, or you fly. Flying can be VERY expensive (think $800 for less than an hour flight in a tiny plane) but luckily my husbands work covers a lot of the cost, making flying more adorable if I am travelling alone or with only Little Man.

When Angel Baby came to the Canadian market with stroller travel bags I jumped into action and messaged them right away asking if they would like a review on their item, since when I was travelling with my car seat, we either had no coverage for it at all (that happened only once) and after that in a garbage bag so it would be better protected, but they did sometimes return ripped and damaged.

We are no longer using the baby bucket, but the stroller is something I hate to travel without. I am out of town RIGHT NOW, having to drive anytime you need to see a specialist, and am hating that I forgot to even grab an umbrella stroller… so carrying him everywhere is a must… at least I grabbed my ring sling since I had it in my diaper bag!!!

Anyway.. I digress. The Angel Baby stroller bag brags as being superior to others that are on the market… here is their photo showing a comparison


I found that the bag fit my umbrella stroller really well, though somehow my pictures are not here on my cell phone (sorry, using their photo here, will try and update as soon as I can find it, or take another picture).


There is a string at the top to seal the bag around the handles keeping it secure and making sure it’s not getting dirty. The bag is a nylon type fabric by feel, but much stronger. It is made of Polyester and offers much better protection than a plastic or nylon bag which is much more likely to rip open. Also, there is a zippered pouch for storage, which is super convenient compared to trying to fold it, or roll it into a ball of fabric. There is also a carry handle, in addition to a  spot where you can put in your business card, or contact information if its ever lost on the flight.

And here is the BEST part… this is for Canadians! YES, finally something on Amazon.ca HERE that is really cool (and currently listed for just under $27)


If I cannot find my pictures within a day or two of getting home, I will retake them and make an entire new post for you all. So sorry I cannot find them to put into the post right away for you all. I much prefer using my own pictures of video when making my posts.


More information from the promoter

I was DONE buying the cheap nylon bags and having them rip or tear on me after a few uses so I made MY OWN and made it STRONGERMORE DURABLE, and DOUBLE the STRENGTH of any other out there on the market!

When you purchase you will notice that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

Take the Angel Baby Red Stroller Travel and Storage Bag out and see its packaging. Now OPEN it and you will feel the DURABLE DOUBLE STRENGTH Polyester and small zipper pouch it fits in. This AIN’T NO NYLON like others!

See the convenient carrying handle and drawstring adjustable lock for easy open/close with an ID TAG for identification.

It’s UNIVERSAL and will fit most umbrella strollers such as: Maclaren, Combi, Chicco, Peg Perego, Cosco, and more!

So what separates Angel Baby from the others? It is simple really! The QUALITY and CONVENIENCE of this stroller carrying case bag that will last a lifetime!

For that purpose it comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!

– FREE BONUS SHOULDER STRAP!!! Made From DURABLE DOUBLE STRENGTH Polyester Fabric that WILL NOT TEAR! This is not typical cheap nylon stroller bag. It is built to last a LIFETIME, which is why we give you a GUARANTEE. DIMENSIONS are 45in. X 15.5in. X 12in. (114.3cm x 39.4cm x 30.5cm)

– PROTECT your Stroller Investment from dirt and germs whether you are traveling on airplanes,in the car trunk, closet, or simply storing it in the garage!

– Convenient Carrying Handle with a Drawstring Closure and adjustable lock for easy opening and closing.

– Water Resistant and Lightweight Fabric.

– Large Graphics with ID Box for Name and RED bright color!