Cool stuff never sent

I was approved to review the following promotions…. but was never sent them for various reasons – so I cannot tell you about them other than that they exist. . .

Clicking the photo will take you to their Amazon listing if you are interested in them.

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I wish they had… list

Every now and then, I am accepted by a promoter to try out items, and then, if I like them, I have shared them with you. This is where I shall be posting things that I was approved to review, but never received. In the past, I’ve asked to be removed from the promotion – but henceforth, I shall post them in here for you to check out if interested. I am not able to tell you what I think about these items, since I have only seen a product description and Amazon listing.




This is a  3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Lightning Car Charger that was never shipped by the promoter. There are several reviews posted on Amazon that it stopped working within 1-2 months. I won’t post the link for this one. If you’d like it, please reply below and I’ll send you the link.