LED Lights WINNERS #rtgsproducts

I want to start this blog off first by apologizing that it took me this long to announce the winners. I’m still on holidays and have not been around my laptop (or internet and civilization to be honest) very much.

I have just contacted our winners for the LED lights GIVEAWAY – congratulations to Steph and Nicole A.. I’ve emailed our winners and will be shipping out their lights as soon as they’ve responded back (or drawing new winners if there is no contact after 48 hours). RTGS sent me gift cards to ship right away — so prizes are guaranteed this time as I’m sending them out!

I am working on another giveaway right now – so stay tuned for more!!


These are pretty awesome! I got my shipment right before I left town


but I needed to find batteries for the larger ones to try them out.

The 15 LED strands come with button batteries – which I was super excited about since they are harder to find where I live in the remote North.


The first picture on my blog and the one below here doesn’t do these justice at ALL. The blue was SO pretty and it just doesn’t show up well enough in this pictures I feel.


The 30 LED lights take 3 AA batteries, and the lights are all right built into a wire, which reminds me of a twist-tie, because you can put them any way you’d like – perfect for wrapping around deck railings or anywhere else.

IMG_4810 IMG_4812

The 60 LED strands, which were not part of the giveaway, take 6 AA batteries.


The difference between all of these are length. The battery cases stated that they are waterproof and can be used inside or out. So if using on your deck, I could see having a few strands running along a deck railing, or for the shorter ones, I really liked the idea of having the shorter 15 LED lights in a cup for dinner parties or wedding center pieces. Not only do those 15 LED ones come with the batteries included, but there are two in a package. So would work well I think for this!


Here are the links again for the 15 LED lights: Cold White Color, Blue Color LightsGreen Color LightsRed Color Lights, and Pink Color Lights.

And then the 30 LED lights: Blue Color LightsGreen Color LightsRed Color LightsPink Color Lights

You can also check out their WEBSITE to view all of their products.