Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids GIVEAWAY

This devotional is from the same author of the popular Jesus Calling devotional. Giveaway information is located near the bottom of this post
Introducing About Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

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The Baby Sea Turtle

This is a fantastic little book, targeted at pre-school aged children, that I was sent in hard copy, in exchange for my honest review.

It has amazing textural pictures with lots of detail I found, exactly the type of book I used to read to my grade 1-2 students in art class when demonstrating a certain textural element I wanted them to try and reproduce in a picture of their choosing. I especially love how they illustrated the wet water droplets on the Momma Turtle.

This story shows a little bit about the reproduction cycle of turtles from swimming to a beach, laying eggs burying them, and then hatching 8 weeks later. It also shows what can happen if a baby turtle gets spun around, away from the sea.

Here is a quick video I made, let me know what your thoughts are about this book from the beginning few pages (and the new style of video review I’m trying!)
– and I REALLY need to review a tripod or something for iPhones for better camera steadiness I think!!!!

FREE Sally Learns to Sprout

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IMPORTANT: You do not need a Kindle to read this book, you can read for free in the Amazon Cloud Reader or free Kindle app (like I do)

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“A valuable lesson for children on one way to eat healthy.” – Charles Ashbacher, Amazon’s top 500 reviewer

“This is both a fun and educational book.” – Israel Drazin, Amazon’s top 1,000 reviewer

“Delightful Family Read and Project!” – Dii, Book Blogger

“Healthy eating habits and understanding the process of growing food begins with teaching our kids early and this is the perfect book to begin that discussion.” – Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

If you would like to follow this author on her BLOG or FACEBOOK I have them linked here for you as she posts in advance when her books are being promoted free of charge for 24-48 hours 😀

Cool stuff never sent

I was approved to review the following promotions…. but was never sent them for various reasons – so I cannot tell you about them other than that they exist. . .

Clicking the photo will take you to their Amazon listing if you are interested in them.

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#TheOracle Who Ate Ants GIVEAWAY

I received the Audible version of this story free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion. I was ALSO given permission to give this away to one of my followers!!!

Information at the bottom of my blog post on how to enter!


Rashidi is the village medicine man, and is hunting for the oracle. It has been generations since the last one has been seen, but the villagers are desperate. They are deep into the rainy season, but have not yet seen any rain. After nights of searching they finally find, and capture the strange creature with scales like a dragon is said to have the power of prophecy and to make strong and wise any who would eat it.


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When We Cook Together #bookreview

This is what the FIRST page says: Jacob is six and loves to cook. He loves being in the kitchen and using the pots, skillets and utensils. Jacob loves the aroma of fresh ingredients, spices and something good baking in the oven. But most of all, he loves spending time with his Mom.

Except for being six years of age, this sounds EXACTLY like my son! Just from this page, I am in LOVE with this book. This could totally have been written about us. Even the son having blond hair, and mom having reddish brown could totally be us in 5 years (does anyone see the resemblance? I do have blue eyes.. but other than that?)


cooking 2

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Good Friends #childrensbook

This was an AWESOME book showing tolerance towards others. It doesn’t matter if they are huge or thin, look different, many people can be a potential friend if you only give them a chance. Apparently some of my followers located in Canada were not able to download this free yesterday because of living in Canada, which makes me so very sad.

EDIT: but I’ve found it for FREE on now as well!!! USE THIS LINK if Canadian

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Good Friends #childrensbook is FREE right now

I have plans to blog to you all about Good Friends tomorrow… so just checked that the US link I had was correct on amazon for this and saw that it is currently $0!  That’s right… it’s FREE. I am SURE that there was a charge before, so you need to get this now, while you still can without cost.

I will post my review tomorrow, but was worried if I waited to share this, it might be too late. I honestly can’t remember if this is always free or not.


If you are Canadian… then use THIS LINK to get this book for free on