Winner Feedback

Our first place winner said: She is too small to comment much, but I love the quality of the fabric and the fact that it’s weatherproof. The zippers are good! Plus it’s perfect for you to carry Mac Book. It’s good for students!

11713533_976197802410818_1069370137_n 11715900_976197855744146_1327368199_n

Our second winner picked this one to have shipped, since she had the choice of 4 different colours for the smaller bag.


“[I] Received the backpack, our 2 yr old granddaughter XXX loved it she did not want to take off. Came just a few days after her birthday great timing. Thank you!”


I was so happy to hear back from our WillLand Backpack Winners and to see them with their prizes, so I wanted to share the pictures with you all (with their permission).

I did also hear back from Crystal, the winner of my $15 PayPal Giveaway.

“Oh yay, that’s awesome – thanks so much! My PayPal is ….Thanks again and happy 4th!”  “Got it – thanks!”

Crystal 15


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