#RefreshCanada Skin Therapy

Refresh skin peel 

I found the blue box, which has a 10% strength and is meant for sensitive skin, a gel, was not bad on my face for 2-3 minutes, but once removed it was “burning” or tingling quite a bit, even after washing with cool water as directed. Even the next morning still a little. My mother in law said that my face was actually red on this side so I took a picture below.


It didn’t really show well in the dim light, but the blue side was redder than the left, almost like a sunburn. And this is the next day.


What I noticed about two days later that my skin was really dry in all the red patches spots, and there was a layer of dead skin peeling. The red marks are still present 3-4 days later. It seems to be working but I want to wait a week or so between uses just to let my skin regenerate before applying again. I think I’ll remove it sooner next time too so it’s not so sore.

I believe this product works, but you don’t want to use it the first time before a big date or important meeting.


The green 2% box was a liquid, but it said not to leave on your face, you use gauze and wipe over your face. There was no tingling sensation. I only had Kleenex available. My skin seemed a little clearer but there was no dry or dead skin. Will need to try again with gauze once I get home.


This was a picture the next morning, there was minimal to no red marks on this side, just the one small one that might have already been there before as I did have some previous redness.

Overall I am happy that the products seem to be doing what they are supposed to, but am a little unhappy with their labelling/boxes. “No alcohol” was crossed out with black marker rather than reprinting the box. There was also a huge sticker right over the main warning, but not sure if that was from the company or Amazon.

Also they called it a peel, but it does not peel off your face in a solid layer like white school glue, you have to wash it off. I feel that better/different labelling is needed as they are advertising for a peel, but it’s really a gel, liquid or skin treatment.

UPDATE: I mentioned this to my Momma-in-law and she stated that a peel actually “peels” off layers of your skin. This is my misunderstanding of their labels I suppose since I’ve had products that dry and peel off in the past. She said I may have confused this with a mask… So perhaps mentioning somewhere it peels skin would be helpful so others do not make the same mistake without seeking clarification.

My Momma-in-law also mentioned that she knew a girl who was doing a peel. She looked like she had a serious sunburn from her treatments but when she saw her 6 months later her complexion was amazing. So thinking I will actually keep using this, whereas before I was thinking of tossing it.

Refresh eye cream

It’s in a syringe like container. I took a before picture as you can see here below.


I was pretty tired since little man has been getting up waaaay too early (4-5 am) in addition to waking for 15-60+ plus minutes at night.

It’s a gel and I did not feel any tingling or other sensations. It soaked in pretty fast and did not leave any sticky residue on my skin. I put it under my eye and on my eye lids. There are no strong scents or perfumes that bothered my eyes.

I have not noticed a huge change but it’s only been a week. Will update you if I see amazing changes…. But then again I don’t have huge wrinkles yet so I may not see drastic changes. I really liked that there was no icky feeling after applying like many products I’ve purchased or tried in the past.


Magic of friendship #childrenspicturebook

This is a really cute story about a ferocious lion who always gets his way, but is never happy and doesn’t know how to laugh. The there is a donkey who is very funny, but also scared all the time. Can either of them learn to go against their nature? What happens when the donkey is kicking up such a fit of laughter and attacks the Tigers attention!? Read this story to find out.

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This is really cool as well, I was sent this in exchange for an honest review. Steam cam out easy and FAST after plugging in. Instructions state works 6-9 min, then you need to wait 10 min before refilling and using again. You can adjust the steam particles to be smaller for inhaling through nose or larger for mouth breathing. If using your nose to breath in the large amount it was a little warm on my nose. Worked well and in the couple minutes I tried this (yes… in the TRUCK) my nose was already letting down mucous and clearing!!!!

Steam Inhaler: Helps relieve cold, flu and sinusitis symptoms
Soothing steady vapor, variable steam adjustment, ideal for aromatherapy
Soft flexible mask, variable steam, extension tube, drain tank
One-year limited warranty
Latex free

My unboxing as Little Man sleeps

#myallay Menstrual Pain Therapy Giveaway

Allay Menstrual Therapy device is a revolutionary drug free pain relief device targeted to women who suffer from period pain. Using PEMF technology, the device send radio signals into the affected area and reduces inflammation while increasing blood flow which relieves pain and discomfort. PEMF devices have been used in hospitals and by medical professionals for decades in a clinical setting.Using microchip technology the device has been reduced to a small wearable which can hardly be noticed once in place.

It is very small and discrete, and has 10 cloth pads, so you can toss the old one each month! Light shows you its working, and you do not really feel anything from the device itself running.


Fortunately (unfortunately)? I did not have any pain this month, so I wasn’t really able to give this a fair assessment. I am so sorry for the light blog post here but we are losing reception very soon :s  My friend has a blog and reviewed this… you can check out her blog HERE for her post on the Allay for more details. Here is their site as well: http://www.myallay.com/


For this giveaway it will be different than normal…. COMMENT on MY BLOG BELOW to enter. Use #myally in your comment so that I KNOW you are entering and not just commenting!

Open ONLY TO CANADIANS. Runs for one week. I will use random.org to select winner. Entry number is in order of your comments.

Good luck to everyone. Share my blog post for additional entries. Each share = one additional entry. Chances of winning depend on number of entries. One prize awarded by the company and not myself.
Update: and the winner is…. POST NUMBER 2!

#angelbaby Stroller Bag

Check out the inside of the bag and it’s pockets above. So sorry about all the noise Little Man was making. BEST bag I’ve ever seen!!

This is really amazing. I’ve never seen one of these before with adjustable shoulder straps before. Others only clip onto a stroller. The great part is that if I need to walk away from my stroller I can easily take this with me meaning I can have my purse contents in here too. There is a spot for wipes container with easy access hole to get at them, two drink spots, a mesh holder for your phone on the front AND back and zipper area for money. Between the drinks container there is a covered area as well where I stored my diapers. But seems almost insulated could put in an ice pack with a baby bottle, sippy or snacks.

Really great product and I wish I had known about these a year ago when we were constantly walking. My son is 16 months now and it fits on the umbrella stroller if I wrap the straps so we will continue using this as long as we have a stroller, and maybe even longer when he older just over my shoulder!!!

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. I’d never owned one of these before but have seen many of my friends and this is the BEST one I’ve seen yet over 5-6 different brands.

Kneading Massager Cushion

As you can see on my above video there is a directional switch on the cord. I did not notice a huge difference when changing directions (I hadn’t read the manual yet… just opened the box moments before the video there!). I can tell it’s going in a different direction but maybe on different areas that can make a huge difference.

Let me tell you……. WOWZA! I don’t know why I didn’t IMMEDIATELY open the box and try this… other than I’ve been running like a chicken with my head cut off! It’s working out knots that even going to the massage therapist it has not been resolved. You can hook this onto the head rest of a vehicle or just use behind your back against the chair.

It works really well and comes with a vehicle adapter (lighter spot) as well as wall outlet plug making this an amazing thing to travel with or use at home. You COULD drive while using it, but I would not suggest that. This would be for a passenger or to be used while stopped as I caught myself closing my eyes a few times at how awesome it feels. If you have any knots and do not have access to your own personal massage therapist I would say this would be fantastic to have handy.

I won’t have Internet access easily accessible for a week but will have my mom in law try this out too and update you with what she thinks since she’s bee suffering awhile now with pain. I will also ask PoppaKauk for his opinion, but he’s driving right now as I type this out on my cell phone to transfer to my laptop when we stop for lunch. I hate that we live 7 hours from my home town but this will definitely make the drive more enjoyable!!!!

Get yours HERE

Method 15/33

Method 15/33 is a psychological thriller by Shannon Kirk.

When you hear that a pregnant teenage girl is captured, you imagine her crumpled in a ball on her mattress, crying in distress…. Her captors were looking for a blond haired, blue eyed, attractive white baby, to sell on the black market. They plan to throw the mother into the quarry afterwards BUT what they didn’t plan on was how different Lisa Yyland was compared to normal teenagers. She, as described by the professionals and herself, had a switch attached to her emotions. While not a sociopath since she could decide whether to allow herself to feel emotions or not, she could choose not to feel. When the kidnapped child is more ruthless, cunning and determined than the kidnappers…. Who will be the true victim in the end?

The story takes place in different times and places, jumping between her story line in the past and present, as well as to the main investigators past and present. The chapter titles let you know whose story is being told so you do not get lost. They’ve managed to seamlessly switch between the two characters without it being hard to follow. Highlighted in the past are some key interactions with the kidnapped girls parents, doctors appointments and other relevant scenes having to do with her kidnapping or childhood. It’s a pretty awesome book, though there are many swears. I’d probably give this book a rating of pg13 just due the swears. There is also some disturbing description of a past victim making this more of a mature read. It was a good read and well written in my opinion.

I was sent THIS book, in hard cover form, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Currently available on Amazon, their own website, Barnes and Nobles, BAM and indie Bound.

Authors Synopsis: Imagine a helpless, pregnant 16-year-old who’s just been yanked from the serenity of her home and shoved into a dirty van. Kidnapped…Alone…Terrified.

Now forget her…Picture instead a pregnant, 16-year-old, manipulative prodigy. She is shoved into a dirty van and, from the first moment of her kidnapping, feels a calm desire for two things: to save her unborn child and to exact merciless revenge. She is methodical—calculating— scientific in her plotting. A clinical sociopath? Leaving nothing to chance, secure in her timing and practice, she waits—for the perfect moment to strike. Method 15/33 is what happens when the victim is just as cold as her abductors.

The agents searching for a kidnapped girl have their own frustrations and desires wrapped into this chilling drama. In the twists of intersecting stories, one is left to ponder. Who is the victim? Who is the aggressor?

Just take a deep breath and relax

I was sent two Blood Pressure Monitors free of charge to review and provide my honest opinion about them. MY Mommy (henceforth referred as GrammaKauk) was in town visiting so I asked her to help me check them out and see what she thought as well since she has high blood pressure.

The first one was GrammaKauk’s favourite, the Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor BPM-110 with EasyFit Cuff ($34.95).  This has something I’ve rarely seen on products I review — this is FDA Approved!!!  There is also a 1 year warranty. It had a really large LCD screen on it making it super easy to read your results. There is also the ability to set the date and time, storing past readings as well. The box said that it will fit arms from 9-13 inches in circumference.


The second one was MY favourite, the Pro Series Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor with Case ($24.95). This one didn’t say anything about FDA approval (or if it does, I missed it when checking out the box). It claims to have new technology which automatically inflates it to the appropriate level. There is an auto shut off feature to help conserve battery and stores up to 60 BP readings. What I really liked about this one was how small and compact it was. It comes with a plastic travel case so it is not damaged. For anyone not staying at home, this is the one I would recommend!