Bio: I am a first time Momma whose world revolves around her son. I decided to start doing product reviews and blogging since I had to buy so many new things, and no idea what was good. From there, I've begun working with companies about all shorts of different things you might need while at home, either for comfort, necessity or luxury. These items are sent to me free of charge (or steeply discounted), in exchange for my honest review based on my personal experience with the product. If you would like me to review anything for you, send me an email: mommakauk@gmail.com *****PRICES***** 1. Reblog – $15 Do you have a WordPress.com blog? If you have something you want people to read and know about I can share it for you. You can buy as many as you like and use them whenever you want (but, I will not reblog adult content). The more you purchase, the better the cost. Review — $0-20, Have a product you would like reviewed on amazon, blogged about, or shared on social media? Contact me and I'll review it for you as long as you are able to ship it to me in Canada. Showcase — $25 Are you a graphic designer, photographer, painter or artist looking to have your work showcased? You can showcase your works in a post on my blog with an artist bio, statement, links to your websites, online stores, and social media. Interview — $30 An interview by me about your work, your blog/website to be featured on my blog. There are lots of options above to choose from. Looking for something else, let me know and we will work it out together. Payments will be secured via PayPal. Also, you can purchase as many options as you like, as available. After that we get in touch via e-mail and set everything up. *All funds raised go towards helping me pay for my sons diapers, clothing and toys! Thank you, MommaKauk

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