YOU could make his dream come true

PLEASE VOTE for Samuel to play on court with the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS! Voting for this round is only open for 24 hours from now until Friday, July 17 at 12 p.m EST.

TO VOTE on Facebook ALL you have to do is comment VIDEO B on THIS POST.

If you have Instagram–you can ALSO go there and comment VIDEO B which will count as a SECOND vote.

The video that receives the most comments goes onto the next round, so I will update you all with his progress WHEN he makes it into the next round of voting — Power of positive thinking here!

This was written by Samuel’s mom, Debbie:  “Sam has been going to see the Harlem Globetrotters for 6 years now. They come every February and got him interested in basketball after seeing them the 1st time. He ended up talking to them about how he was picked on and called a “circus seal” for being able to spin a basketball on his head and nose. The Globetrotters told him keep doing what he likes and don’t allow others to put him down or stop him! [What an amazing role model they have been for Sam!!]

Since then he has learned more tricks, tried out for the school basketball team – MADE IT – and wants to be a Globetrotter himself someday! His dream since that first time he saw them playing was to play with them on the court one day.”

When they found out about this contest Sam jumped at the chance to play a game with the Globetrotters on the court when they come next to their area!

I don’t normally use my blog or Facebook even for these types of voting things, but when I saw his video and how good he really is I asked my friend Debbie if I could post this to my blog and social media to try and help Sam out.

Check out his FULL entry video HERE. (Sorry I couldn’t get it to embed here due to their security or sharing settings)

Again, for Facebook, comment VIDEO B on THIS POST.
For Instagram comment VIDEO B as a SECOND vote

Sam is doing well so far on Facebook (voting has only been live a couple hours), but he is majorly behind on Instagram. Any and all votes are greatly appreciated! Even re-blogging my post, or sharing on your social media will help Sam out. Thank you all so very much for taking the time to help out my friends son!!

Debbie: “Please ask friends & family who have Facebook and/or Instagram to comment please for his vote. We really appreciate it. You do not need to enter any personal info to vote – just have to comment VIDEO B.”

Thank you to ALL that help and share: Samuel, Debbie and MommaKauk



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