#shockshutter Protect Your Baby

You’ve seen CoverPlugs before (or at least I hope you’ve caught my past reviews on the plates you can use to cover an outlet and make it virtually disappear). But now, I want to show you a totally new product that is just being made available

Introducing Shock Shutter


According to the Shock Sutter company, there is a national code that  requires homes and businesses open to children to have Tamper Resistant electrical outlets or covers.  They have had the option, in the past to either turn off the power or use the regular outlet covers.

NOTE: I don’t see this happening at around in my Canadian community… even at the clinic walk-in waiting room, in the offices, nor at the health unit. Everywhere there are TONS of uncovered electrical outlets (they were always there before I had my son, but I notice them now a lot more!) – so the company may be speaking about an American code and not a Canadian one.

I have been very fortunate that my son is rarely interested in the outlets anymore, but there are days when I have to be right on top of him to make sure no fingers or toys are near them. It’s a very scary situation.

BUT, many other parents are not as lucky, their babies and toddlers never seem to get bored with the outlets, and are always trying to put their fingers, forks, keys and toys into the holes.

Due to this reason, the Shock Shutter company has launched a US Electrical code compliant outlet that is tamper resistant, and looks like a regular cover. This is something brand new that they are just starting to create.

HOW do they work?

The plugs are designed to block objects such as a paperclip, pin, key, utensil, finger, or any other item from being pushed into one side of the plug. The “shutter” will only open when there is equal pressure on both prongs at the exact same time.

The great part about this design is that your plug is safe, without having to remove and remember to reinsert the plug. Plus they are super easy to install.


Another thing I like, is that they have different styles and colours so that you can best match what is in your home already.


You can check out their website or pre-order your own shock shutter for only $2.50!

Enjoying Gourmet #tea Giveaway

Since my first year of University, I have rarely drank coffee, since I was almost hospitalized – 3 coffees from Tim Hortons in one day, albeit over the course of 7 hours, is apparently a BAD idea for my body.

That being said, I adore tea. Even the ones with caffeine don’t seem to bother me nearly as bad as coffee. So when the option to test out some new gourmet teas became available, I jumped on the offer – begging for them to ship to Canada to me, and they DID!!


They came in these little stylish tins, and even came with a 15% off code for my future orders.

If you would like to try any of their tea, they are offering 10% off to all my readers with coupon code “tmpr15a” (don’t add in the quotes)  You would get 15% off on future orders I believe. They ship to many different countries, links to their site is below!

Did you know that when you are brewing tea, you can actually “burn” it by letting it steep in too hot water or too long. So they included some helpful information to ensure you get the best taste possible.

IMG_7619 IMG_7620

Enter to win my giveaway!  Just comment here on THIS blog post!!! THAT’S IT!  (Easy right!?) Contest open to US and Canadian residents and ends Saturday November 21st 2015. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries.


Here are the links to the teas I was sent to sample out.

Apple Spice Black TeaAnxi Wulong TeaChun Mee Green TeaProvence RooibosLongevity Brow White TeaYoung Ripened Pu-erh Tea

#Verilux Full Spectrum Booklight Giveaway

While mine scratched pretty quick, as you can see in the video, I think that if you are careful with it (mine was in the box uncovered and must have gotten scratched that way) it won’t happen to yours.

That’s right, this book light can be yours to use anytime you want! To win, all you have to do is comment on my MommaKauk Facebook post HERE

This is available on their website for $19.95 and ships to Canada and the United States.


Product Description from the promoter

The Verilux PageLight is the perfect companion for reading especially at night!  No more using your cell phone light or disturbing your partner with the bedside light while reading.  The PageLight uses Natural Spectrum light you can customize to illuminate the page without glare.

Verilux PageLight™ Natural Spectrum® Flat Panel Book Light features:

  • * Light is spread evenly across the flat panel screen and illuminates each page without glare
    * Light stays on the page and provides excellent black and white contrast
    * Built-in dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light level as preferred
    * 3-AAA batteries (sold separately) provide up to 50 hours of reading pleasure

No Grits No Glory #SouthernGhosts

Brianna fled down South to Savannah to escape the voices of the dead. Just when she thought she’d left all paranormal things behind, she discovers her house is haunted—by a family of Southern ghosts.

These persistent beings not only hide her white shoes after Labor Day, but they wreak havoc on her life to convince her to help them bring their killer to justice.

Steven put Savannah in his rear-view mirror years ago to follow his passion for music. When his band splits up and he can’t reach his little sister for weeks, he races home—only to learn his whole family died in a mysterious house fire. The house Brianna now lives in.

Together, Brianna and Steven learn who murdered Steven’s family and become caught in a web of intrigue that will threaten their careers, their homes–but especially their lives.

I have just started reading No Grits No Glory, which is the first book in a Southern Ghosts Series by Elaine Calloway. It is a romantic suspense tale with ghosts set in Savannah, Georgia and available on Amazon

Riding ebook


When he is born, Andre propels his mother’s life in a new direction. His father, an executive who organizes Olympic competitions around the world and doesn’t know when to come back home, strives to make him a wordly citizen.

Cycling, his life acquires purpose: becoming an Olympic para-athlete.
Amidst real events and landscapes, men and women like us wander the cities we inhabit, rehearsing happier lives in the pages of this motivational narrative. From each one, destiny took a part to make them perfect.

Together with his friends, he experiences disappointments and new beginnings. A doctor that builds robots, the daughter of a lonely teenager, and a retired athlete teach André how to overcome his limits and live his dream.

Set in Curitiba with breaks in Los Angeles, Seoul, Johannesburg and Soweto, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London, the narrative ends in 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

As a tribute to all those who choose to sign the next episodes of their lives, this book is about overcoming one’s self amid achievements, obstacles, love and heroism, written behind the scenes of life.

Available on Amazon

GIVEAWAY: One to Go – Texting KILLS

The Story:
Tom Booker is a new attorney at a powerful Washington law firm.  Texting while driving across Memorial Bridge, he loses control and crashes into an oncoming minivan carrying his own daughter and three of her friends.  The minivan tips up on two wheels, about to flip over into the Potomac.  Time freezes, he’s alone on the bridge.  A young couple approaches and offers him a re-wind.  The crash would be averted, the children saved.  All he must do is kill someone every two weeks—anyone—a “soul exchange.”  A moment later, Tom is back in his spinning car, but avoids the deadly crash.  He laughs about the hallucination, attributing it to bumping his head on the steering wheel when his car came to an abrupt stop.  But his encounter wasn’t a hallucination.  Two weeks later, the minivan driver is brutally murdered.  Tom receives a text: one down, four to go.  He has never shot—much less owned—a gun in his life, and now must turn himself into a serial killer or his daughter and her friends will die.


This book just SUCKS you in immediately. The crash happens fast, then time freezes, and there are options. But he figures that he must have been dreaming, got knocked out, or something, and it is not until a couple weeks when she dies, and a text message comes through that he realizes it was all true.

If you had to decide between killing someone, or your daughter dying. All of this, because he was texting while driving. There are major laws now stating where I live that you cannot text and drive… what if this was why!?

Available on the Oceanview Publisher website, or check HERE to buy on Amazon, Bam or BnN

I am almost done reading this one…. and you could read it too!

If you live in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand or United States you can enter. Comment here on my blog postone winner gets this hard cover book.

Odds of winning is based on the number of entries. Promoter is responsible to ensure winner gets their prize, MommaKauk only tells you about these awesome products after receiving them in exchange for my honest review. I will end this giveaway in one week (Nov 11th)

#DougPitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland

Doug Pitassi, a new Portland resident, explores his favorite restaurants since moving to Portland in 2014. This inside look at the City of Roses’ most prosperous eateries will take you from moody to foodie in a day.

If you happen to live in Portland, or planning to make a trip to the area, this is a book you might want to check out, especially if you are a foodie (like me).

It is available on Amazon, his website, or you can follow him on Twitter

Their book is only available the USA at the moment, and does not ship to Canada.