Canadian Day Tupper-Offer EXTENDED

I have decided to extend my offer giving 10% off EVERY TupperWare item since so many Canadians were, hopefully, out enjoying the celebrations and fireworks, and were most likely then not reading blog posts. I am ONLY offering this to YOU my loyal blog followers…and all your friends!

This is the LAST time I will ever offer this! You have July 9th to message me for an order. Message me HERE to place your order, or ask any questions. I will be putting in my orders the evening of Friday July 10th.  Mention TUPPER-OFFER so I know you’ve seen my blog post when ordering!

Please share: Tweet, Facebook and re-blog this post for me if you have any Canadian friends or followers!! Anything I earn will be going towards helping pay for Little Man’s toys, food, diapers, etc.

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I’m out of work now for the summer without any assistance of EI since I only just returned teaching after Easter once we were approved for daycare and the school year is now over 😦

So… TupperWare will hopefully help pay the bills 😀

The prizes previously offered by my manager yesterday were only a one day deal (sorry to those who wanted to place an order and didn’t contact me, as there had been some huge ones). There will be prizes still offered for those who place orders!

Chew-Choo Teething Necklace

The jewellery mommy wears and baby chews

I was sent this SUPER cool necklace to review, which was invented by… another mom

Check out my YouTube video review, and enter to win your very own FREE of charge!

Giveaway ending April 23rd at midnight EST
Amazon listing and price: $21.95 – $36.95
Open to legal residents of the USA and Canada, excluding Quebec

– If a Canadian winner, you will be reimbursed for the cost through ebay, as promoter does not yet have this set up to ship globally.


UPDATE: Canadians can now buy on here!!!!

Have you made a plan?

Plan in advance

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. Marcus Aurelius

Today’s blog post is about something that NO ONE ever wants to happen, but is something that everyone should think about… our final moment on this Earth, and the moments afterwards for our family and loved ones.

I was asked to review and given free access to their site to do so. As weird as it sounds, I was REALLY excited to review for them, since I had not yet created my “Last Will and Testament” and knew how important this was now that I have a child. I feel that it is a part of sensible financial planning, just like waiting until I was done my schooling and somewhat stable before going off birth control.

BUT… it seemed like such a daunting task, to hire a lawyer, and make all of these decisions, without really knowing exactly what I wanted, or how to word anything. Additionally, I was exhausted with the chaos and joy of having a baby at home. I was even a little nervous about using the website, so I waited even longer, until my mom was here visiting to start.

“I’ve told my children that when I die, to release balloons in the sky to celebrate that I graduated. For me, death is a graduation” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The first thing I noticed… it was REALLY EASY! Yup, that’s what I said, easy. Not at all what I expected. There was specific questions to answer, and they were either fill in the blank, or drop down menus. My will probably only took me about 20 min. I was able to assign a legal guardian, and state I wanted a trust set up for my son. From there I also did my Living Will, Power of Attorney and Funeral Wishes.

The thing that took me the longest, surprisingly, was my funeral wishes. This was the only step that I struggled with a little. There were quite a few repetitive things and non-applicable choices, because I had selected cremation in the beginning, but still had to answer questions about pallbearer’s, and casket types. I did ask my mom a few questions in regards to this one.

Once I had each step completed, I was able to have it emailed directly to me as a PDF. There is even the option to have it mailed to me via snail mail! Some documents require my signature in the presence of two adult witnesses to make it a legal and binding document and the site was very clear in their explanations as to what steps needed to be completed. Also, there is NO lawyer required!!!!

They are Canada’s leading provider of Will services and have been offering this service for over a decade, helping hundreds of thousands of people prepare these vital documents.

Here are the different services they offer, and their costs

  • MyWill™:  $39.95 CAD
  • MyPowerOfAttorney™: $29.95 CAD
  • MyLivingWill™:  $19.95 CAD
  • MyExpatWill™ (Canada/US/UK): $39.95 CAD
  • MyLifeLocker™: $29.95 CAD
  • MyFuneral™: FREE
  • MyMessages™: FREE

I currently have a one year membership (given to me for the purposes of reviewing), which could be extended thusly:

  • Add 1 year: $11.95 CAD
  • Add 5 years: $24.95 CAD (50% savings)
  • Add 10 years: $34.95 CAD (70% savings)
  • Add 25 years: $74.95 CAD (75% savings)
  • Lifetime membership: $124.95 CAD

Just so you know, on the website it states: Note that each person must have their own membership.  If your spouse or partner would like to use our services to create their own documents, please log-out and let them join separately.

Albert Einstein stated that “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” I would recommend EVERYONE reading this right now, to think about, and make your final wishes known legally, just in case your tomorrow never comes. We all make plans, and put them off, but we never know what the future will hold.

With that, I leave you with the words of Benjamin Franklin: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”


Wow, so I have finally figured out what all this teething business is about. Was thinking – prior to this past week – that is was a little cranky and lots of drooling, no big deal… WRONG!  It’s screaming for no apparent reason, crewing everything in sight, including your nose, shirt, toes and fingers! Doctors say Tempra (Tylenol for babies). It does NOTHING to help — at least not my son. Cuddles, nursing and distraction helps a little, but Motrin is amazing, and helped him to sleep at least 4-5 hours.

We have an amber necklace to try tomorrow and bracelet that he is wearing tonight, will let you all know if I notice a decline in the drooling and daytime crankiness (wasn’t using anything during the day)


UPDATE – so far I’ve noticed that he’s drooling a lot less and often seems more content, now whether the teething has passed, or the necklace is truly helping, I’m not sure, but days when I forget to put it on in the morning I do notice more drool!


He was awake last night…  and then was sick multiple times over the hour, resulting in a hospital visit.

Rest assured he’s okay today, but one thing struck me… as soon as he was done throwing up, he went back to being — happy! At such a young age, he did not complain about his illness, how tired or weak he was, he simply accepted what happened and moved on.

I think that we have a lot to learn from our children. My poor sick baby and amazing hubby


My first blog

This will be my musing board, a place to post product reviews and adventures that my son and I have.

My son was born on Saint Patrick’s Day and he’s amazing! Watching him discover the world around him, seeing things for the first second and third time — even the tenth there are new things to marvel at, a new pattern or detail he didn’t notice at first, a new texture. etc.

But he’s awake…gotta run