Jolly Jumper Musical Mat Review

I purchased this from Walmart, in store. It’s also available from and among other stores


Additional items required: 2 AA batteries and a Philips screwdriver

Set-up time:  less than 5 minutes, including having to go and find a screwdriver downstairs!



3 different ‘fun music modes’:

  • Jungle / Silly – sounds are made when the centre circle is stepped on (not the outer ring)
  • Dance – sounds from both inner and outer circles are pressed (not recommended with jumper because every jump restarts the music. Whereas with the other two modes, each jump plays a music clip, and does not restart until the previous one has ended.)

Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to set up and use, my son loved it, multiple music options so if one gets annoying, you can change it to another mode, can be used both in and out of the Jumper, allowing continued use as baby grows.

Cons: The only real criticism I have is that the bottom is not slip resistant – it is fairly smooth. I found the mat slides a lot if he’s jumping barefoot, though only a little with socks/sleeper. Using a non-slip mat underneath should resolve this issue.

Overall Rating * * * * / 5

~ I was not given this item nor compensated in any way. I was not required to write a positive review. The thoughts expressed above are my own opinion and could differ from others experiences. ~

UPDATE – we don’t really use it under his jumper anymore because of it slipping, he will sometimes crawl across it on the floor, but usually just ends up sitting there unused. I am hoping that when he is older it will be used more often.



Wow, so I have finally figured out what all this teething business is about. Was thinking – prior to this past week – that is was a little cranky and lots of drooling, no big deal… WRONG!  It’s screaming for no apparent reason, crewing everything in sight, including your nose, shirt, toes and fingers! Doctors say Tempra (Tylenol for babies). It does NOTHING to help — at least not my son. Cuddles, nursing and distraction helps a little, but Motrin is amazing, and helped him to sleep at least 4-5 hours.

We have an amber necklace to try tomorrow and bracelet that he is wearing tonight, will let you all know if I notice a decline in the drooling and daytime crankiness (wasn’t using anything during the day)


UPDATE – so far I’ve noticed that he’s drooling a lot less and often seems more content, now whether the teething has passed, or the necklace is truly helping, I’m not sure, but days when I forget to put it on in the morning I do notice more drool!


He was awake last night…  and then was sick multiple times over the hour, resulting in a hospital visit.

Rest assured he’s okay today, but one thing struck me… as soon as he was done throwing up, he went back to being — happy! At such a young age, he did not complain about his illness, how tired or weak he was, he simply accepted what happened and moved on.

I think that we have a lot to learn from our children. My poor sick baby and amazing hubby


My first blog

This will be my musing board, a place to post product reviews and adventures that my son and I have.

My son was born on Saint Patrick’s Day and he’s amazing! Watching him discover the world around him, seeing things for the first second and third time — even the tenth there are new things to marvel at, a new pattern or detail he didn’t notice at first, a new texture. etc.

But he’s awake…gotta run