Electric Callous Remover

One thing I can tell you… I DISLIKE MY FEET! I do not know if it’s because my arches collapse, or because they turn out, but no matter how much lotion or moisturizer I use, I find that my heels and big toes get giant callouses.


I’ve used various pumice stones in the shower, and they help, a little, but do not really get rid of the ones on my heels, and only help for a day or two for the ones on my big toes. When the chance to review an electric callous remover arose… I jumped on it. I have not been able to find one anywhere in Canada, so the promoter who approved me to try this out shipped to the boarder for me, and I picked it up when I was visiting with my mom.

Here is a quick video of the first time I used this…  (I have NO idea why YouTube removed my video… will have to re-read the TOS, I am thinking maybe because I was not doing the review in the video, so they found it advertising?)

It is SUPER easy to use, with minimal learning curve. If you are pushing too hard, it will stop rotating. Try not to let this happen as hubby thinks that will probably burn out the motor eventually. I found it removed the callous, but didn’t hurt my foot if it slipped off the callous and onto my normal skin. It made the callous come off almost as a powder. It was amazing getting down to smooth skin, and without the pain of the callous for almost a week.

Also, they send TWO rollers, not just the one. If you are planning to share this with a significant other or friend, do not use the same roller. If there is any foot fungus, warts, etc, then you could spread them. Each also comes with its own cover to keep it cleaner. To wash the roller, just run it under water. As an added bonus, they also sell replacement refill rollers, so you don’t have to buy the larger unit each time.

Currently, the rechargeable electronic callous remove is being sold for only $25 HERE, and two refills are sold for $9.99 HERE.

I received this, and all the products I blog about (unless otherwise stated) in exchange for my honest opinion. While I do not get compensated, I do get to keep the products (which is the best part). I try to be honest about any flaws I see, and give you truthful feedback, but all experiences are my own, and may differ from that of others.


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