#ThePillowFairy bedtime story

The pillow fairy is an adorable story about a little boy who does not want to sleep all by himself. 

One night his exasperated mother is looking out the window and notices a small ball of light “no bigger than your fist prancing around” (Peter pan reference). 

She smiles and tells her son all about the pillow fairy, who leaves presents for little boys and girls who stay in their bed all night without getting into their parents beds. 

I thought it was a really cute story, good pictures and a great idea if your little one won’t stay put. Luckily Little Man stays in his crib, but one day soon I’ll pull out this book and read it to him!

This is available on Amazon or you can also visit their Website

They are also on Facebook

Here is the beginning of the story with my Little Man at snack time. 


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