Nightengale Novel

Imagine being left on the church steps as an infant, the only indication of your past is a note that states “Bron is Free.” From there you get thrown into social services where people imagine you are a problem child, and are moved from one bad home to another, where no one shows any love. And the one couple who does love you, and wants to adopt you at age three is told they can’t encase a birth parent comes to claim you and you’re immediately removed from their home. That was the life of Bron Jones.

Finally, when he was 13 years old and was removed from yet another bad family (think Harry Potter type of slavery) doing all the dishes, chores, etc, but also raising the woman’s other children, he is accused of stealing peaches from his obese foster mother. In his new home, Olivia Hernandez proves to be a good, caring mother… But there is one problem…. She is another species! It turns out Bron is too. But that is just the beginning of their problems. Aliens from a dark guild catch sight of them, and are hunting them. Bron is scared, entering a new school and discovering new powers of his own which might be stronger than has been seen in centuries.

Can the unlikely pair; cold Bron and caring Olivia; overcome their enemies, or will they be captured and be turned into mindless assassins? Read nightingale to find out!!!

I really, and I mean REALLY, loved this book. The main premise kind of reminds me of another novel I’ve read called “I am number four”. I read this over the summer and somehow never blogged about it (luckily I had written all this in a note pad app!!)

The pictures here below are from the promoters page. They were NOT in my e-book version I read but from  the enhanced e-book version of the novel.






I was not able to find this book on Amazon, but it is available on their WEBSITE

You can also check out their book trailer


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