Run Baby

When you hear “run baby” are you like me, and horror images of babies running away into traffic are what comes to mind. 

Don’t worry, as that’s not the type of running baby I am going to talk to you about today. (At least not til the end)

Rather, it’s a pouch you can wear around your waist while running, jogging, or working out, without losing your cell phone, keys, credit card etcetera. 

My iPhone 6 was able to slip into the pouch easily enough, but while running around after Little Man, nothing fell out. Not sure if you can tell, but it opens on either side to slip in. Little Man was stealing this even as I was taking the picture (note blurry hand). 

They have a connected clip so you can attach your keys, if they happen to fall out, then they are still connected and dangling (can kinda see it in the first picture near his shoulder).

It seemed snug and secure on both my husband and myself. There is a wide band that you can snug up and helps it to stay in place. 

Little Man enjoyed showing how “not” to wear this belt with heavy supervision.   

Then he decided it was time for him to run too! Right after this picture he climbed up into the stroller and decided we were going for a walk around grammas neighbourhood!

Can see the key holder in this picture too by the top of his diaper. 
You can purchase run baby belts on Amazon HEREor you can visit Their website



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