#shockshutter Protect Your Baby

You’ve seen CoverPlugs before (or at least I hope you’ve caught my past reviews on the plates you can use to cover an outlet and make it virtually disappear). But now, I want to show you a totally new product that is just being made available

Introducing Shock Shutter


According to the Shock Sutter company, there is a national code that  requires homes and businesses open to children to have Tamper Resistant electrical outlets or covers.  They have had the option, in the past to either turn off the power or use the regular outlet covers.

NOTE: I don’t see this happening at around in my Canadian community… even at the clinic walk-in waiting room, in the offices, nor at the health unit. Everywhere there are TONS of uncovered electrical outlets (they were always there before I had my son, but I notice them now a lot more!) – so the company may be speaking about an American code and not a Canadian one.

I have been very fortunate that my son is rarely interested in the outlets anymore, but there are days when I have to be right on top of him to make sure no fingers or toys are near them. It’s a very scary situation.

BUT, many other parents are not as lucky, their babies and toddlers never seem to get bored with the outlets, and are always trying to put their fingers, forks, keys and toys into the holes.

Due to this reason, the Shock Shutter company has launched a US Electrical code compliant outlet that is tamper resistant, and looks like a regular cover. This is something brand new that they are just starting to create.

HOW do they work?

The plugs are designed to block objects such as a paperclip, pin, key, utensil, finger, or any other item from being pushed into one side of the plug. The “shutter” will only open when there is equal pressure on both prongs at the exact same time.

The great part about this design is that your plug is safe, without having to remove and remember to reinsert the plug. Plus they are super easy to install.


Another thing I like, is that they have different styles and colours so that you can best match what is in your home already.


You can check out their website or pre-order your own shock shutter for only $2.50!