Enjoying Gourmet #tea Giveaway

Since my first year of University, I have rarely drank coffee, since I was almost hospitalized – 3 coffees from Tim Hortons in one day, albeit over the course of 7 hours, is apparently a BAD idea for my body.

That being said, I adore tea. Even the ones with caffeine don’t seem to bother me nearly as bad as coffee. So when the option to test out some new gourmet teas became available, I jumped on the offer – begging for them to ship to Canada to me, and they DID!!


They came in these little stylish tins, and even came with a 15% off code for my future orders.

If you would like to try any of their tea, they are offering 10% off to all my readers with coupon code “tmpr15a” (don’t add in the quotes)  You would get 15% off on future orders I believe. They ship to many different countries, links to their site is below!

Did you know that when you are brewing tea, you can actually “burn” it by letting it steep in too hot water or too long. So they included some helpful information to ensure you get the best taste possible.

IMG_7619 IMG_7620

Enter to win my giveaway!  Just comment here on THIS blog post!!! THAT’S IT!  (Easy right!?) Contest open to US and Canadian residents and ends Saturday November 21st 2015. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries.


Here are the links to the teas I was sent to sample out.

Apple Spice Black TeaAnxi Wulong TeaChun Mee Green TeaProvence RooibosLongevity Brow White TeaYoung Ripened Pu-erh Tea



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