Universal Periscope Lens

This is kind of a neat little device made for almost any Smartphone or iPod camera.

At first I thought that this was a zoom lens for my phone. I don’t know WHY my brain decided that… but that is not at ALL what this is for. This is kind of like when you were a little kid and wanted to poke your head around the corner to see what was going on… but KNEW you’d be seen.

With this, you can attach the lens to your smartphone or iDevice and see in 360 degrees without moving your phone. Could be used either for spying around corners (for kids) or videotaping/taking pictures at odd angles, while holding your phone upright.

You won’t be able to see straight in front of you with this on, and if you try to look down with it, your phone will get in the way. I made a video of the 360 and have attached it here down below for you to see.

It comes with three metal rings. Where it is blue, thats the side that attracts the camera lens magnetically to your phone.


The magnet circle attached well to my iPhone 6 phone (I read reviews that some devices either square camera lenses or with a curved area where the camera was had issues – I didn’t).

There was this thing too in the box


I THINK it might be a magnet ring that goes under a thin case or something, but I have no idea. There were no actual instructions that came with this, and it was rusty too — which was kinda weird. I would have missed it if I wasn’t looking harder.

This is the only instruction-like thing on the case!


On the amazon listing it also mentioned that you can use this to take pictures of your friends when not looking at them (good in theory I would think, except they will all see that “thing” sticking off your phone)!!!

One thing I hadn’t considered before is that you can use this to take pictures without getting a shadow in it. They say from “above” but then you would get the camera in it. But there may still be ways. It’s kind of a cool toy, might make a good gift for that really techie person who has everything or school aged children, up to maybe high school.

View it HERE on Amazon. Currently listed for $12.99



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