WIN video editing software!!!

ENTER to WIN THIS FREE, link is below. Odds are 1 in 100! The MORE people who enter, the MORE WINNERS there will be!

Video Surgeon can take ordinary video footage and transform it into a valuable learning tool because it is able to use both video motion analysis and playback review. This is something that is usually used by professionals, Olympic athletes, and professional sports teams. We’ve all (I hope) watched a hockey game, and seen a slow motion playback of an insane goal, with this editor you can do that yourself!

Introducing, Video Surgeon the video analysis software designed for consumers. You can now slow down a video to 25 percent! Want it slower? Export the video, then re-open it and slow it down again.  You also have the ability to create loops as well as zoom into existing video. With the ability to use slow motion, zoom and loop you can make not only fun, silly videos for personal use, but you can also use it for analysis and turn it into a tool for learning and/or analysis.

Not only that, but you are able to do a frame-by-frame review, and then print video frames while zoomed in, just like you see on the CSI type shows. You can also do basic audio editing, and then export changes creating a new video with slow motion zoom embedded in the new video. It also contains a video downloader, rips DVD’s and can open files from many video cameras. Lastly, it contains a video downloader, it allows you to customize loops, and it changes the key of audio.

If you use video for training, teaching, instructions, lessons, or learning Video Surgeon could completely change the learning and/or environment for you.

Normally a program like this would cost a fortune, but video surgeon is available at a fraction of the cost – ONLY $119!

BUT — right now they are having a draw, where one winner will win this absolutely free! I wanted to let you all know about this as soon as possible, so that you could enter. I have been given a copy of this software free of charge to review it for you, but had some technical issues getting it onto my computer (I think it was my computers fault, and not their software).

ENTER HERE to win this $119 editing software FOR FREE! For every 100 entries, they will give away one more of these for free, so share this with all of your friends too!!

Check out a demo of this video editing software…and if you are not one of the lucky winners, perhaps you will want to look into buying a copy yourself by clicking HERE

This will work on MAC or PC computers (they have two different options for download)

Winner will be announced June 30th, 2015 by video surgeon. When you enter, they will ask for your email address, that is how you will find out if you won (so make sure you check the spelling). I will try and get a review of the software posted soon so that you can decide if you would like to purchase this based on my experiences with it.

Odds are 1 in 100 of winning a copy. The more you share this, the MORE copies that WILL BE WON!


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