Wow, so I have finally figured out what all this teething business is about. Was thinking – prior to this past week – that is was a little cranky and lots of drooling, no big deal… WRONG!  It’s screaming for no apparent reason, crewing everything in sight, including your nose, shirt, toes and fingers! Doctors say Tempra (Tylenol for babies). It does NOTHING to help — at least not my son. Cuddles, nursing and distraction helps a little, but Motrin is amazing, and helped him to sleep at least 4-5 hours.

We have an amber necklace to try tomorrow and bracelet that he is wearing tonight, will let you all know if I notice a decline in the drooling and daytime crankiness (wasn’t using anything during the day)


UPDATE – so far I’ve noticed that he’s drooling a lot less and often seems more content, now whether the teething has passed, or the necklace is truly helping, I’m not sure, but days when I forget to put it on in the morning I do notice more drool!


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