Betraying the God of Light

This is the debut novel for author Jared Angel. The God of Light and Dark have been fighting since the dawn of existence, and threaten the end for mankind. The Mother of Creation, Crevahn, has devised a dangerous plan to reunite the two battling Gods back into one allowing peace to reign….but she cannot do this alone.

She gets the help from one of her children, Vyas (who also has darkness within him), and a badly abused human wife named Malla (my favourite character). Will Vyas be able to suppress his demons and rage against the God of Dark? Can Malla rise to the challenge to rage against the God of Light? Beliefs are shaken, the humans tested, and they soon learn the true intentions of the Gods. Is this the end or will this unlikely trio save the world? You’ll have to read Betraying the God of Light to find out!!!

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