SilverLeaf Books

Are you looking for some AMAZING books to read, but you’ve run out of ideas of where to look. Why not try Silver Leaf Books!?  I have recently been in contact with this awesome company through Cliff, and he has sent me a bunch of books to review for you all. There is NO WAY I can do these in just a day or two, or a week — so I wanted to give you a sneak peek at these. I was also just told that there are even MORE on the way…. I am SO excited!!  EEk.

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Children of Cain – Forsaken and Offspring

The Forsaken Trilogy is another book series I would like to share with you which has had MANY positive Amazon reviews already. The Children of Cain series genre is a mature Young Adult Urban Fantasy.

Children of Cain is book one: Her mother is dead, her home is destroyed. Gwenevere flees into the forest in the dead of winter and stumbles into the human world. Unable to speak their language, but capable of reading their thoughts, Gwen acclimates quickly. Meanwhile she discovers that her native tongue is magical, giving her the power to control the world around her. Seeking the answers to her identity and her forgotten past, orphaned Gwen runs off in search of her own kind. Her dark gifts bring to light horrible truths, the discovery of which forces Gwen to make a fatal decision. The only thing that is certain, her life is about to take a drastic turn – there is no going back from murder.

This book is available on Amazon in Kindle form $1.00, as well as paperback $16.04

I don’t want to put in the write-up for book two as it may contain spoilers but clicking HERE will take you to their Amazon page. You can also see more about this series by going to their website:


I will be reviewing these as soon as I can get through the insane number of books I am working on right now, in addition to marking and prepping for my grade school students 😀