Blotting Paper

So this is something, until recently, I had never heard of before (I’ve reviewed a similar product like this, made from Bamboo Charcoal back in August).

The instructions are super easy and basic to follow. Open the box, take out a sheet and dab it on your face.



It will remove all of the oil on your face without leaving any residues. This is a product that men can use if they get a shiny face as well. For women, especially those who wear makeup, you can use this to remove the excess oils, without ruining your look since there is no rubbing to remove oils, as washing your face would do.

It did not bother my sensitive skin, but with the added products (apparently antioxidants and green tea) I found that it did not absorb as much, or as fast as the other one I had tried, however, it does have the added bonus of those which will apparently benefit your skin, and at a reduced cost.

They are available HERE on currently selling at $9.99 for 100 sheets.


From the promoter

✔ USES 100% NATURAL ABACA LEAF FIBER – The LiveFresh Natural Oil Blotting Sheets are infused with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, green tea, to soothe, protect and freshen your skin. Our product is also eco-friendly and uses 100% natural abaca leaf fiber

✔ SAFE TO USE WITH MAKEUP ON – Our premium, super absorbing sheets instantly absorbs excess oil and removes shine from face leaving you with a clean and refreshing look and feel. Our product is also safe to use with makeup on and won’t cause smudging.

✔ SOFT, GENTLE, AND EASY TO USE – Our sheets are designed with a finely-woven linen which will not irritate the skin. The slim package design fits perfectly in your pocket, purse or desk drawer. Use them at work, in the gym, or anytime you’re in need of a quick cleaning.


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