NeoCell Beauty Bursts

NeoCell has recently released four of their most popular products to Canada!

NeoCell collagen products are designed to support the body’s collagen supply, helping skin achieve that healthy glow, hair grow thicker and shinier, and nails longer and stronger. NeoCell products are all-natural and contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and contain no gluten or GMO ingredients.

NeoCell Super Collagen Powder: Just a scoop of NeoCell’s original Super Collagen Powder mixed with a glass of water or juice delivers 6,000 mg of NeoCell collagen types 1&3, specially formulated to be bio-available for easy absorption in the body. Retail price: $24.99.

NeoCell Super Collagen+C Tablets (120 count and 250 count): These tried-and-true tablets are for people who prefer their supplements in pill form; they also deliver 6,000 mg of NeoCell collagen. Retail price: $24.99 for the 120 count; $37.99 for the 250 count.

NeoCell Beauty Bursts™: NeoCell’s wildly popular soft collagen chews deliver a delicious blend of 2,000 mg of collagen, along with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. It feels like a treat but delivers a daily dose of potent beauty-enhancing nutrients and they’re easy to keep handy in a purse, pocket or desk drawer in a delicious fruit punch flavor. Retail price: $27.99.

THIS last product is what I was sent for testing purposes. The package states to take two chews daily for their results to work. I found they didn’t taste bad, but there was a different taste to them. I don’t want to call it chalky, but I am not sure how to explain the after-taste. There was a fruity flavour and smell to these, they were soft and easy to chew. There was almost a hubba bubba gum dissolving texture to them (if you know what I mean).

Being able to report on visible side effects, I think, is very difficult unless they are taken for an extremely long time and can rule out all other causes. Thus, I cannot tell you I noticed any major differences at this point, as it’s only been a couple of weeks. I have not seen any ill effects however since I started trying these out, nor any negative symptoms I could associate to them. If you are looking for a product to help increase your collagen levels, in addition to your vitamin C, without taking pills, this product could be good to consider.

NeoCell products can be found at Whole Foods Market, Goodness Me! Natural Food Market, Choices Markets, Calgary Co-op, Nutrition House, Nutter’s Bulk and Natural Foods, Sangster’s Health Centres and London Drugs, in addition to on their website


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