Relief from Lower Back Pain

#lowbackpainprogram was written by a fellow Canadian in Southern Ontario – actually in a town where I did some of my teaching placements — Aurora.

This Ebook is available through the website, Kindle, iBooks, Smashwords and Createspace.

I’ve done a few of these stretches so far, and am happy to say they have actually been helping. I am only about halfway as I’ve been trying out stretches as I go along. There are a lot of informational chapters at the beginning, but then it starts explaining how to do the stretches, with illustrations to show as well. I have been impressed by the information contained within the book, and also what I found on their site.

I visited their website, and was interested by a picture that said do NOT do crunches, sit ups or isolation exercises as they are hard on your back and can cause more damage than good! Check it out here.


Here is a message from the author

If you suffer from lower back pain, or know those who do, I would like to help you find greater relief and would appreciate your review and support.

My website currently receives approximately 45,000 visitors per month with over one thousand copies sold in its first year of operation. As of to date, I have received very positive and transformative reviews from all who have responded. My desire is to help those who suffer from this condition as I once suffered for over 10 years. My site and book are based on hard work, honesty and accountability.

Learn how to self treat chronic lower back pain easily and safely with this fully illustrated, instructional, low impact, pain-safe, exercise guide long term.
The majority of cases of chronic lower back pain are either directly related to, or worsened by specific muscle weaknesses and imbalances.

This specifically designed guide carefully teaches the correct methods to move, train and strengthen your body to properly relieve back pain. It uses non-surgical, non-medicinal, and safe methods for all ages and difficulties. It will help with your current pain, to prevent the return of pain, and to reduce your dependency on medication and surgery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will relieve your pain as you learn a series of short and effective exercises. The exercises will teach you how to treat and recondition several misunderstood and neglected areas of the lower back, hips and legs that can lead to lower back pain.

The Low Back Pain Program demonstrates effective, very low-risk exercises, stretches and movements to treat and prevent: lower back pain, backache, back spasms and more, long term with a careful, concise, ‘at home’ guide. This book contains 45 important exercises, over 170 detailed illustrations, 3 treatment and conditioning levels, 1 maintenance level and 4 progress charts.

The exercises condition and restore proper mobility and function for your lower back, hips, legs and pelvis, allowing painful areas time to heal and recover. The guide begins with 13 ‘Limited Mobility Exercises’ to improve your flexibility and address your stiffness and tightness that contribute to and worsen lower back pain. 19 ‘Progressive Exercises’ then, stimulate, develop and strengthen the muscles and joints necessary to protect the lower back from pain. 13 ‘Challenging Exercises’ are then taught to reinforce, correct and re-educate the muscles and joints to move and operate functionally and effectively to prevent recurrence of lower back pain. Upon completion of these exercises, 11 simple ‘Maintenance Exercises’ selected can then be seamlessly used throughout your daily routine as needed to keep your muscles optimally conditioned to protect your lower back from imbalances and pain.

The exercises are founded on the methods of exercise therapy, physiotherapy, and lower back pain and injury rehabilitation. They are intended for home use and can be performed at the users convenience and comfort level.

This guide provides those in pain, a much needed alternative to popular exercises and stretches that are recommended but still do not resolve the cause of the pain. It will benefit the user throughout their life as their physical needs change with age and lifestyle.

For more information go to:


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