#YalmeNaturals Foundation Makeup Brush

Have you ever used something as soft as rabbit fur to apply your makeup?  I was sent the #YalmeNaturals Foundation brush to check out and share to you all.. and that’s seriously what it feels like to me.


The company claims that their’s is the “Best Synthetic Makeup Brush to be use with regular or mineral foundation. The Yalmeh Foundation Brush Could Be The Last foundation Brush You Ever Need!”

There are oodles of different types of foundations – from powder to liquid,  mineral and whatever the other kind is.

The tip comes to a point so it makes it super easy to use anywhere on your face. The brush is made of high grade synthetic fibers (which I am happy this is not actually animal fur) but will also last longer than many others who shed. After using this several times and pulling on the tip a lot… none of the hairs fell out!! Apparently these are assembled by hand to insure the best quality.

Use this brush for more than just one type of makeup: bronzing, liquid or powder foundation, blush or even eye shadow above the eye.

I found my brish realy easy to clean.  I washed the brish with warm water, then washed with my shampoo as directed. Then rinsed all the soap out and patted with a towel.. then let it air dry. Apparently you can also use a hair dryer.

Yalmeh Beauty Products Commitment

Yalmeh Beauty is committed to high quality in our products as well as higher standard of customer service. Yalmeh offers professional-quality makeup kits and natural cosmetics for consumers. Take it. Use it. Love it. Your Satisfaction Is Our GUARANTEE. The brush is made abroad they are packaged in U.S.A



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