#trendit App debut


I was asked to let you know about this new application that should be hitting the app stores within 1-2 weeks. It is called Trender – and I think this will be like the new Swagbucks if it’s successful.

Here is the basic premise from their webpage where it is set to launch for IPhone and Android


Sign In: Link all your social accounts that you would like it to access. It will let you sign into all of them at once, importing all your friends and contacts in one spot!

Trend Them: Click “Trend it” and the app will post onto all your social media accounts you’ve signed in with and authorized. The more friends you have, the better!

Get Paid: That’s right, I just said get PAID (hence why I am SO excited for this app to launch). The app designer has stated that every time you press “Trend it” you will get paid (from the advanced screen shots above, I assume you get paid based on the number of posts you make… and somehow the system has to verify them – so maybe you’re not allowed to delete, or will need to use some #hashtags or a code – it was not clear how that is all calculated). Either way… seems EASY!

Receive Invites: Accept invitations from businesses with a single click. Or, locate businesses and pitch them for a trend. The bigger you are in the social world (aka more friends/followers), the more you get paid!


Businesses…read here

Pick Your Trenders: Each Trender will have a value based on how popular they are. You just need to decide who is the best fit for your business. You will be able to filter Trenders by their value, friends, location and other attributes.

Invite Them To Trend: Once you’ve chosen the perfect group of trendsetters, invite them to spread the word. You can even pick the exact wording to be posted online. Or, let them create something more natural – with their own words. You decide! You will even have the choice to pick the picture to be posted with their message. This is social marketing like you’ve never seen before.

Create And Manage Campaigns: Trenders will be looking for companies they can promote, so create a campaign, and wait for them to approach you, pick those who you feel will help the most, and set them loose on social media – with your content! Branded traffic anyone?

RELAX! Enjoy your favourite drink and read a book (as long as your boss doesn’t catch you) because your material will be Trending all over Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Your content will be reaching future customers in a natural and organic way. The app will monitor everything and make sure that posts are verified for 7 days for maximum potential. QUICK – I hear your boss down the hall, make it look like you are working, while others do all the leg work for you!

Please share my blog post to let your friends know about this app so they too can make some easy cash if this app takes off!

All of the above information was based on information and screen shots I received on the companies WEBSITE. Then, I reworded and added in a little bit of my own charm. Mommakauk is not responsible for anything having to do with the Trender application, payments or otherwise. I was simply asked to let you all know about this really cool sounding up and coming application. I sure hope this one ends up as cool as it sounds.

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