“Insta-Snap” iPhone 6 Case #EasyTechInstaSnapCase

The case itself is very slim fitting, it is very fast to take the case off and on unlike many other cases I’ve tried in the past. The case is slightly flexible, but still provides good protection. One really cool thing about this case is that there is a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

AND… the first 2000 buyers get a FREE Tempered Glass screen protector made of glass, very similar to the iPhone screen itself (normally $14.97). I really like the screen protector. Little Man threw my phone (he rarely does that) and did manage to chip a small part of the screen protector, but I think he would have cracked my phone screen if this had not been on!  Not only that, but when I went to remove it, it cracked a little, and there was NO “broken glass” feeling to the glass, which is awesome encase it does ever happen to break on you!

When you buy this product, you get two awesome products in one.

The promoter that shipped this to me to try it out, also wants to give one to YOU! One amazing follower of mine, who is a US resident, or has access to a US mailing address, will get a iPhone 6 case ans screen protector shipped directly to their door!

HOW you ask, can you possibly get this?  Just …. go to my instagram post, like my post and comment there. If you do not have instagram, comment here on my blog post!


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