PURE 5:2 Transformation In 21 Days

WHY in the heck would you want to eat “pure”!? Well, this e-book will explain to you all about the benefits of healthy eating to eradicate a slew of different health concerns from obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and even sugar addiction (that is TOTALLY a thing). I do not think I am too addicted to sugar (maybe more to salt) but I know there are withdrawal symptoms… btw, having a TON of jello shooters while watching shows like Sweeney Todd, and then eating one every time they say Mrs. Loveit, or Benjamin Barker might be fun in your younger age (talking like 8 years ago now) might seem like fun, but TWO days later having a massive headache and feeling more hung-over than you ever have from alcohol… yikes, but thats another story, and WAY against the policy spoken about in this book!!

The first part of the book is largely information about why you want to eat Pure, and the benefits to this life style. Then, in chapter 5 they begin giving you conversions, recipes and tips.

One thing that my mother in law does everyday (and suggested by this book) is to drink a glass of warm lemon water each morning. It is an appetite suppressant, cleanses and “alkalinize”. They also suggest certain tools to use like a juicer, blender, food processor, and dehydrator.

Here is one page showing dressing recipes from the book.

There are some easy recipes, and some very beautiful ones


I did not do the 21 day challenge as life is crazy right now, but my mom-in-law has been following a very similar food life style (not really a diet, since it’s a constant for her) and has mentioned that she has lost weight and is feeling much more energized than before. When she “cheats” and has a treat, she can often feel the difference… and does not feel as good afterwards.

This ebook is available here, and HERE you can get a TON of FREE recipes as well from their UK site!!

I received this e-book in exchange for my honest opinion. I feel that there is a LOT of information at the beginning trying to convince you why their method of eating is the best, but that there is a lot of promise in the recipes I looked at, many look to be delicious, and even if you do not want to follow their 21 day diet, you could still pull a lot of healthy recipes to include into your meal planning.


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