Wiggle Seat by Sensory Solutions

As I mentioned in my last post, I received a second item from the US, just because I have seen something similar to these in the schools I work in (they are usually a wedge and not air filled) and thought it could be used with some of the special needs kids I see.

Today I was in a kindergarten class, as I had mentioned with my last post, but I was actually in two different classes. In this particular one, we have a little boy who seems to be very tactile, and sometimes doesn’t like to stay still. So I brought this to try it out with him. He liked to touch this and did try sitting on it several times. He also thought it was cool to roll it on the floor (would have to work on him with not doing this if used all the time).

Depending on the child, I think that it would be geared towards older grades, maybe starting around kindergarten or higher, but we also gave this to my Little Man (17 months at the time) to see what he thought of it. He too likes to sit, push and play with it.

Here are a few videos showing how it looks and works, and a few boo-boos. They are all 1-2 minutes long.

You can see the Amazon listing HERE, unfortunately this does not currently ship to Canada.

Oooo and I found out that if you do happen to over pump this (like we had it turns out) that you can put the air pump valve into the hole I showed on the video, and push on the seat… it will deflate!

P.SS It also helps their balance and builds their core muscles, and it’s fun to wiggle on! Can be used for children with special needs, as well as ANY child

Product Description by the Promoter

Wiggle seats have become popular with teachers and parents alike for their ability to calm the hyperactive child. Many parents have found wiggle seats to be a life saver during dinner and homework time. While teachers love them for the calming effect they can have on children, many even report improved behavior for ADHD and autistic children.

Besides the positive effects on behavior these discs have all the same benefits of sitting on a balance ball, activating the stomach muscles while sitting leading to better posture and less back strain from prolonged sitting.


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