#TheRhythmTree Musical Therapy

This music is AMAZING! My Little Man now says GO because of one of the songs. Also, just today I was in working with a kindergarten class in gym, and used the second song as a warm up “We’re Gonna Move,” and we all had so much fun! They seemed to really like the FREEZE……GO parts as well.

I am SO sorry for the sound quality, I am working on uploading another one in the next day or so with better volume. Sounded fine on my computer, but then not once it uploaded.

While this is marketed at children with special needs, I found that it was something I could easily incorporate into a K to grade 2 gym, drama and dance class because of the different musical and movement aspects, plus my Little Man no longer wants to listen to his musical mirror in the car, it’s this CD over and over again (good think I like the songs!) Actually, I find they are really catching and am humming them over and over again.

Also, there is a DVD that comes with this to help parents/educators in implementing the songs and how to accommodate children with special needs by modifying the instruments so they do not need to hold onto them, if unable.

I am SO glad I got the chance to review this one, as it is only on Amazon.com (had to go to the states to get this one, and my next review blog that should be posting in a few minutes) but because I am working in classrooms, often with students who have a vat array of special needs, I was really interested in checking this out!

It is available HERE on Amazon


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