#CaptiveMovie and Book Review

We’ve all had things we’ve went through. For some of us, it’s a break up, for others a car accident, a killer bad grade on your exam. Maybe it’s even loosing your job and having to move. The list of things are numerous, but for Ashley Smith, it was being held hostage in her own home, by a man named Brian Nichols who had already gone on a killing “spree” before making his way to her – several towns away.

Ashley was a recovering drug addict, who occasionally felt the need to use just a little – you know, to get her through the day. Her daughter was being raised by her mother and aunt, since Ashley was no longer safe to be around her daughter. She would become paranoid and reckless when high on “ice” (meth). She once thought that God wanted to drive the car for her, and let go of the steering wheel while going down a steep hill. She was checked into a mental institution after this, and went through rehab.

Even with all the problems in her life, she still was not able to stop using drugs. Not for the sake of her daughter while she was pregnant, nor now while trying to get her daughter back.

BUT — when Brian showed up in her parking lot, and shoved her into her own apartment at gun point, things began to instantly change. She spoke to him about God, about her daughter, and her past mistakes. After several hours, she began to realize that God made sure he arrived at her front door, and it was up to her to make sure no more people got hurt, including Brian. He lets her leave her apartment and he ends up turning himself into the authorities!

Not only is this story unbelievable, it is a TRUE story and also a major motion picture as of September 18th.

Here is the official movie trailer

The following is a Faith Featurette from the movie. 

You can also check out their Facebook Page


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