#StartWrite PRINTING software GIVEAWAY!

I have another giveaway for you, and this time, you will win software to create and print your own customized worksheets either as blank lines, with tracing dots to help out young writers learn to print.

This program works for WINDOWS computers only (sorry to all those with really cool, advanced apple laptops and desktops).

EDIT: I am sorry for my previous confusing title, this does printing and not cursive, but you could print out the blank lines, then hand-write in yourself. Then other blank lines below could be used for practicing!


The program was VERY easy to use and figure out (hover over icons and it tells you the function). You can change the box colours, but only the whole box, and not a single word, than is one current limitation, but they are working on fixing that for future updates. You can also have either solid letters, or dots farther and farther apart depending on the child’s skill level.  You are also able to have no boarder, or shapes, like an apple, as you see in the example above.


You could even just have blank text boxes for advanced printing students to try words and sentences on their own, without the dotted guides.


Here is another screen shot of the program in adding full clip art pictures onto the page.

Now… who would like to own a copy of this awesome program for FREE!?  You could go to startwrite.com for a free sample (you can only open it once!) or you could win a full version of this just by entering my giveaway.

BEFORE ENTERING leave a comment on my blog as that is one of the entry options!   Would you keep the program for your child/grandchild, give it to a friend, donate the copy to a school or daycare?


Open world wide. Approx prize value is currently $39.95 (but will be going up to $49.95 soon). Giveaway closes Sunday September 27, 2015. Promoter is responsible for the delivery of prize and not MommaKauk.



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