#mamawayus Baby Sling

Have you ever tried to go somewhere with your baby and you were either carrying them around, with your arms starting to feel like they had been pumping iron all day… OR you spent more time chasing around your toddler than what you had hoped to accomplish?

If you answered no, then I feel like you need to check that your baby bundle of joy was not replaced by a doll.

When my Little Man was first born, we tried a ring sling… and he HATED it. He was maybe a couple to a few months old, and it’s very possible that I was not positioning him correctly, but he would start crying and screaming within a minute or two (and he rarely cries, even when sick). I found them hard to use, and that the fabric did not pull through the rings easily… and yeah. We tried a couple other times, and it has sadly been sitting packed in a box with clothes he has long since grown out of *sniffle* they grow too fast.

Little Man sure does keep me on my toes, and letting him run around is really not often possible. When the chance to try out a different ring sling arose, I thought I’d give it a try again.

I was super pleased with the results to be honest. I loved that this came with it’s own little pouch. It was so hard to bring my other one anywhere as it was just a huge ball of fabric. Also, I found that the fabric was softer than my previous one, and pulled through the rings easier, but didn’t slip out.

I went for lunch with PoppaKauk and Little Man so I thought that this would be the perfect time to try out my new sling that was sent.


Disclaimer… I totally didn’t get the rings as high on my shoulder as I should have, but this was the first time I had ever tried the hip carry, since he was too little for this one before. BUT it was actually quite comfortable. I found the weight was well distributed across my shoulders and I wasn’t needing to use my arm strength to keep his 26 pounds raised. I was also able to be hands free in this position with him (though I didn’t realize that until after PappaKauk had put away my cell phone camera).

Baby wearing is a trend that is on the rise, and there are SO many different styles out there. This proves that just because one failed (like I did with my first one), does not mean you should give up on all similar products!!!

What is (was) your favourite way to carry your baby. Did you use the arm strong method (just carried them), or do you have a certain brand / type of carrier you liked best?

The MamaWay Ring Sling is available HERE on Amazon.com.  I apologize that these are not currently sold in Canada through Amazon.ca that I was able to locate, but I am sure there are many choices that would work similar to this product available.


Here is some additional information from the promoter

An all-round baby carrier to comfortably and safely carry your baby, from newborn till they no longer wish to be carried. The perfect sling for hands free snuggles, getting things done while out and about, settling your baby and breastfeeding easily and discreetly.

• One size fits all and fully adjustable, quick to set up and can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and positions in seconds.

• Easy on your back – your baby’s weight is evenly distributed along your back and shoulders to comfortably carry your baby or toddler, for hours on end!

• Newborn carry position is snug like the womb and can help to settle your baby

• Patented pocket design so you can take it anywhere

• 100% Cotton, machine washable and fast drying

• Durable Nylon ring tested to hold your toddler and more!

Washing Instructions: Cold wash in laundry bag. Hang to dry in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


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