The Baby Sea Turtle

This is a fantastic little book, targeted at pre-school aged children, that I was sent in hard copy, in exchange for my honest review.

It has amazing textural pictures with lots of detail I found, exactly the type of book I used to read to my grade 1-2 students in art class when demonstrating a certain textural element I wanted them to try and reproduce in a picture of their choosing. I especially love how they illustrated the wet water droplets on the Momma Turtle.

This story shows a little bit about the reproduction cycle of turtles from swimming to a beach, laying eggs burying them, and then hatching 8 weeks later. It also shows what can happen if a baby turtle gets spun around, away from the sea.

Here is a quick video I made, let me know what your thoughts are about this book from the beginning few pages (and the new style of video review I’m trying!)
– and I REALLY need to review a tripod or something for iPhones for better camera steadiness I think!!!!


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