#Esky LCD Display Electronic Digital Scale

I was sent a Portable LCD Display Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Scale with a Measuring Tape off to the side in exchange for an honest review. One awesome included feature is that the 2 AAA batteries were included, and it was only listed for $20 Canadian.

The hanging scale has a 110 lb or 50 kg capacity and a 5g-10g accuracy. I found that it was quite accurate with the few things I tried weighing, and you can change the screen as well to display in either grams, kilograms, pounds or ounces depending on what you are weighing – just push unit.

There is a measuring tape on the left side that extracts just over 3 feet, or one meter. The display lights up and will auto shut off after a little while (sorry, I didn’t think to time it).

11923047_10153543578698536_1389014068_n 11938202_10153543578688536_188106366_n

This would come in handy for weighing fish, or even while grocery shopping to weigh your veggies in the plastic bag.

One of the best things about this product, is that there is a full 12-month warranty which protects against manufacturing defects as of the purchase date.

You can purchase this scale via Amazon.com or Amazon.ca



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