The Midnight Saint

I recently joined a book review club called “Book Crash” that offers free Christian books to be reviewed within 2 months of receiving them. As I received emails with various book titles and write-ups one in particular caught my eye. It was called “The Midnight Saint” by Mitchel Whitington.

The basic premise of the story goes as such…What if you only had 12 days to live, and the way you found out, was that a Saint, Saint Lucile to be exact, came with a message from God to let you know. He wanted to reward your recent kindness shown to others, and rather than just leaving you alone with this disturbing news, Lucile will come to you each night to answer ONE question you might have about death, but not answer any about YOUR death until the final night, on Christmas Eve.

There are a lot of great questions explored in this book, and while the main subject is death, the book itself did not feel heavy or morbid. The 165 flew past in only a couple readings, and I truly enjoyed it. I actually found myself contemplating some of the questions ask, and reflecting on them myself before continuing to read, and even after I had put the book down. The questions tackled were of a wide range, and I really feel the author spent a lot of time when deciding what to write. I found only one small error in the book, and it did not at all distract from the novel in my opinion.

When I was in university, I took a gerontology course and we learned about the 5 stages of death, which I have somehow always remembered from my first year — DABDA!

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance and we see a few of these being experienced by Adam in the novel. If your not sure what I mean by these, I thought I would attach a really well illustrated example of one of my favourite videos below, done by a show I really don’t actually like!

But the book is well rounded, he doesn’t just sit at home pondering his own demise. He gets affairs in order, checks in with his doctor, old friends and makes a LOT of time with his family. He gets a ton of things accomplished in those 12 days.

Well, now I am SURE you are wondering where you too can get this awesome book…right!?

There are several places!  You can go directly to the publishers site –> 23 House Publishing to see this book as well as others they have released. If you want to know  more about the book, check out the books own website to Read the first chapter, get discussion questions (WARNING SPOILERS),  and much more.

You can also order the kindle or paperback version from or Barnes and Noble.

LAST THOUGHT: The 2015 Illumination Book Awards have been announced, and author Mitchel Whitington and publisher 23 House won a bronze medal in the category of Religious Fiction for The Midnight Saint!


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