Once again impressed by WillLand

Some of you may remember the amazing backpacks I was giving away a couple months ago on my blog by WillLand, and I was excited to see another promotion, this time for a Messenger Bag, by this same company.

As I eagerly opened up my bag when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was, in fact, leather on the bag on the front, bottom and sides.

There are tons of little pockets and zippers for extra storage, in addition to a spot to put your tablet, laptop or other device. There is a huge inner spot for books, papers or anything else you need to transport along with your laptop.

There is even a built in “wallet” spot where you can place ID and/or your credit cards for your convenience.

The zippers are all very high quality and easily open, even one handed as I attempted to do a recording with my cell phone. Check out my video below, I apologize its a little dark in there, I need to get brighter lights in my living room it seems.

I am sorry to say there is no giveaway this time, but if you are looking for a Messenger Bag, I would TOTALLY recommend this bag, and am travelling with this bag now, rather than my previous one I had at the house.

ONE other thing I would like to add, is that while here on vacation, we got a flyer advertising the Sick Kids Lottery, and I noticed this…


If you look where my fingers are pointing, the WillLand company has donated MAJOR prizes to the Sick Kids Lottery, and it really made me feel proud that this was a company I was promoting on my blog. They not only offer amazing products, excellent customer service and they give back to charities who rely on support from others to help sick children.


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