Yalmeh Zombie to Human Transformation

Hello everyone, and welcome to a beautiful Sunday!  Where I am in Northern Ontario, the cold “fall” like weather has gone away for a day, it’s sunny, warm, and like it should be in August. Whoever said global warming — was WRONG… it’s been a LOT colder lately.

But  — enough of the weather report and onto the beauty products that are helping me to become less “Mommy-zombie” and more human looking!!!  (links to products at the very bottom)

Here are my before pictures – which totally do not do justice to how BLACK those eyes looking back at me in the mirror were starting to look.



The above pictures were ones I took right before using the eye creams, but I searched for a couple selfie pictures that might have shown the blackness a little better than this one had managed to capture, just to really show you the difference.




IMG_5631 IMG_5680

Now, just a moment ago, I took a photo of myself to show you the MAJOR improvement!




IMG_5840 IMG_5841

I would like to add that I was at a bachelorette party last night for a very good friend of mine that is getting married next weekend, and did not get to bed until well after 2:30 am and I still look this great (makeup free).

To be perfectly honest, I cannot remember which product I was using on which eye. I SWEAR I took a photo holding them up — I actually had them on different sides of my sink just to make sure I kept them on the correct eyes — and when I grabbed them to take product pictures, I kinda forgot which was on which side.

But I found they both worked really well (the blue tubes) to reduce black eye marks. Wrinkle wise, I do not really have much for fine lines, and they may require much longer use to see a difference than just the couple weeks I’ve been using the creams.


And finally — onto the orange bottle – the Vitamin C serum. I have a lot of dry, flaky skin, as well as I often get acne breakouts, even as an adult. So I was pretty excited to try yet another product that might help my skin.

Face of beautiful young woman with a puzzle collage of her skin, isolated on a white background

This product promised to repair micro scaring, reverse sun damage, provide significant sun protection (unlike many others that warn you sun burns are more likely), and rapidly create smooth supple skin.

I do not really know what they mean by micro scaring, perhaps that means dry skin, but I did find that it created “smooth supple skin.” I found that my skin was softer and not flaking as much with continued use. I did not have any additional redness, burning, or irritation. There was also no tacky feeling, it absorbed into my skin pretty fast, but I only needed a few drops from the eye dropper.

Since it seems to be working well, I would also recommend this product — but you will either need to use it longer than I have, or continuously, as my skin has returned close to before I started using it now that I am on holiday and not in my daily application routine.


Click on the links if you would like to buy the Super Youth Eye Cream, the Vitamin C Serum or the Glory Eye Bright Gel on Amazon.ca


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