The Abduction of Nelly Don GIVEAWAY

Based on a True Story….

Picture this: It’s December 17, 1931. Self-made millionaire fashion designer Nelly Don has just left her factory on her way home to care for her sick three month old son, David. She started from the bottom and worked extremely hard to get to where she is today; from sewing dresses in a spare room, to a factory filled with over one-thousand employees, Nelly has worked her way to the top.

BUT — these are desperate times. The Great Depression has affected even decent men. Kidnappings are becoming commonplace, with only the more high-profile cases making the papers.

Halfway up Nelly Don’s driveway, armed men block her car, bullets fly and Nelly is taken by force. White flowers are left on her doorstep. There was a past kidnapping that also had white flowers left behind, but the man was bound and thrown over the bridge to drown. When he escaped and started swimming, they shot him. Will the same thing happen to Nelly!?

Nelly has always had a survival instinct. She seeks the perfect moment to make her escape but it’s so much more complicated and dangerous than she could ever dream. If she manages to escape her captors can she keep herself alive!? Read this fast paced, true story, to find out.

Written by Patrice Williams Marks. This E-book is 252 Pages

I received The Abduction of Nelly Don in exchange for an honest opinion and was asked to do a giveaway to one of my Amazing followers!  (YOU!) Information to enter is at the bottom of my post!


I was a little worried about it being a 1930’s book, as some older books can be difficult to read, but it was an excellent read. There was the occasional word or slang that really made the text fit the time period, without being confusing or hard to understand.

I found it hard to put down, reading late into the night when I should have been sleeping. I wanted to keep reading and HAD to know what would happen to Nelly next.

A little bit of Nelly’s History: 

She made her fortune by creating everyday dresses that had a bit of pizazz.  At the time, the only dresses available were boxy, unflattering dresses for cleaning in, and glamorous dresses for a night out.  She tapped into an under-served market and struck gold.

Nelly was also ahead of her time as an employer.  She hired over 1000 employees, mostly women.  She made sure they were paid above-average wages, with paid leave, paid vacations, paid higher education and paid childcare.  In fact, when the unions tried to come in and organized in her factory, they were unsuccessful.  The employees had nothing to complain about.

Her abduction came just before the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping, and after several other high-profile crimes.
But what really sparked my interest was the involvement of a US Senator who moved heaven and earth to find her; even making deals with organized crime figures.

Kidnappers, gangsters, organized crime, politics, all make for a fascinating story.  That is part of what makes this story so exhilarating, in addition to the great writing style of the author who strings all the facts together. This DOES NOT read like a history book, nor a bunch of facts.

I definitely recommend this book!  AND I will be giving one AWAY!

Unfortunately the promoter has stated that this will be open only to those living in the United States. You must be 13+ years of age to enter. Giveaway will run until August 17th, 2015.

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One of the entry options is to make ANY comment at the bottom of this post.
There is also the option to comment on any other thread 😀

This book is available on,, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, as well as a few brick and mortar stores. There is also a Facebook Group for more information.



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