#ElectricTemperatureGun for Soldering

Iron Length: 18.5 cm
Temperature Range: 200-450 °C
Included: Soldering Iron and Five Solder Iron Tips
Tips: Iron plated with stainless steel interior
Heater: Made of Ceramic

Once turned on, it took about 2-5 minutes to heat up. We thought that perhaps the light would go out once up to temperature so it’s possible we let it warm longer than needed.

I’ve never used one before, so I asked PoppaKauk to try it out while Little Man looked on from his high chair (or else he wouldn’t let us try this out while he was awake – just HAD to see our new “toy”).  I am SURE that Little Man will soon recognize Amazon boxes and come to know what they mean, if he doesn’t already!!!

In the video he solders two wires together, then after about 45 seconds talks about the Soldering Gun itself and I pan out. Also shown are the 5 additional tips that are included in the packaging.


It worked very well, especially considering it’s on the cheaper range (under $20). The only downside to this is that there is no stand included for safety and that the light does not turn off to know when its reached the desired temperature range.

PoppaKauk warmed up the wire a little prior to the video, but you could also, if you have good hand to eye coordination, touch the lead wire and drip it onto the wire. His method would make it much cleaner.

It was pretty cool to see how red the tip become once hot, so if using the higher setting, I’d say once red you’re ready to use it.

Currently available on Amazon.com for $17.69 right now

WARNING: you can get very serious burns if the tip is touched while hot. PoppaKauk said he got second degree burns once when using one in the past!! Always be cautious when using and keep out of reach of ALL children, not just the very young.


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