When you have a baby, making sure everything is safe becomes one of your primary areas of focus. Especially when your little bundle of joy becomes mobile and ONLY likes things he shouldn’t be touching — in my case that was cords and electrical outlets (among others).

That is where this review item has been amazing in our home. I reviewed the CoverPLUG and did a huge giveaway when I first started blogging last February. It’s been awhile and I wanted to show them to you again for my new followers as they really are a revolutionary item for the home, a must have in any parents safety kit I feel.

Before, this is what my wall outlets looked like


I had a mismatch of plugs all over my home and they seemed to attract all of Little Mans attention, not to mention how unsightly they were. CoverPLUG made a huge difference since the ones in the high traffic areas of my home where there was unused plugs, I was able to make them almost completely disappear.

Most of my walls are white, so I didn’t really need to paint them, but if you have coloured walls, they are extremely paint-able for an almost seamless disappearing magic act, making this not only an AMAZING safety item for parents with young children, but also perfect for those with unused plug with unsightly plugs in high traffic areas or those used for entertaining.

CoverPLUG hide

Have you ever been in a home that has a plugin outlet halfway up their wall?  Those can become HUGE EYESORES and detract from the space. This would be the perfect way to hide them so your outlet is not the focal point of your room!!!


Here is an example I had previously used from the CoverPLUG Facebook Page and website.

These are available for sale at Safe Home Products, FROMM, as well as Amazon.com (This listing is for 24 CoverPlugs, 2 packs are HERE). Canadians can get theirs from Amazon.ca

Question: What kinds of things did your child, niece/nephew, grand kids, neighbours, etc., get into that surprised you?


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