Wine Aerator by BarBrat

After my post about the Spherical Ice Cube trays by BarBrat, I was approached by them to review another of their products — a wine Aerator. I do not normally drink wine too often, but my mom and husband really enjoy wine, and I was intrigued as to what it might actually do, so I gladly accepted to review their product and let you all know as well.

It’s not so much that I do not like wine… it’s more that I get drunk REALLY FAST when drinking wine. Think 1 glass of wine equals 2-5+ drinks of anything else!

So, that being said, I had never used one before, and REALLY didn’t understand why or how it worked, so I checked out the Ultimate Guide to Wine Aerators.

Basically what I learned is that an aerator gets air into the wine (which is kinda what it sounds like…) but WHY is the main question here. I thought it would be like an air freshener… get too much air and you lose the smell/fragrance or it might so stale. That might be true if you were to let a bottle of wine breath for several weeks or months, but apparently either using an aerate while you pour, or putting it into a decanter for an hour or two will cause the wine to have a “smoother taste” and “highlight the individual accents and smells so you can recognize them more fully.”

Normally you’d have to buy a really expensive wine to get that sensation without an aerator and/or decanter, so if you serve or drink a lot of wine, this will not only make it taste better, but save you money if you can now enjoy slightly cheaper wine!

OKAY – now that I have some idea what it’s SUPPOSED to do, I thought I have better try it out for myself. So yesterday I went to the LCBO (where we get alcohol in Ontario, Canada) and bought two bottles of red wine with the expert help of one of the employees working. I had NO idea what to get – so this was her two suggestions:


I had my husband do a blind taste test to see which he liked best —  the aerated or straight from the bottle (or if he couldn’t tell the difference). Then, he repeated the blind taste test for me.

Here is what we thought:

We first tried the bottle without the aerator in it. We noticed that we could not smell the aerated one as strongly as the other glass. It did not have such an acrid (bitter) taste, tasted much better. Flavours are the same but the harsher elements are not present. Makes it more enjoyable. Smoother going down.  Without the aerator it had a bitter after taste.

With the second bottle, there was minimal difference but it was also a more expensive, stronger tasting wine. There was a little bit MORE smell with the aerated glass. Straight from the bottle there was minimal smell. It tasted good but had a little more bitter taste. It seems with good wines there is minimal differences we can detect.

35bc2466616a1294bbfa88e6942944d1aad73bd1 (1)

We BOTH agreed that an aerator will be used from now on with every bottle of wine we drink (or at least the red ones that should be breathing more). It did make cheaper bottles of wine taste MUCH better, and with more expensive ones, it changed it slightly, but for the better. I would recommend this for anyone who drinks wine and does not have a decanter, and/or the time to wait.  Besides, for under $13 it’s an affordable way to make your wines taste like much more expensive ones!  Buy it from and try it out for yourself!

For our American followers, its available on for just under $10

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion. I mostly used their pictures in this blog post because they were WAY better than I was taking after drinking so much wine LOL!!!



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