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I received the Audible version of this story free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion. I was ALSO given permission to give this away to one of my followers!!!

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Rashidi is the village medicine man, and is hunting for the oracle. It has been generations since the last one has been seen, but the villagers are desperate. They are deep into the rainy season, but have not yet seen any rain. After nights of searching they finally find, and capture the strange creature with scales like a dragon is said to have the power of prophecy and to make strong and wise any who would eat it.


Suah (Rashidi son) is very curious about the Oracle and asks many questions, learning about the customs and beliefs of his village (as we do along with him). They believe that the Oracle  “speak to the earth and the trees as well as the wind and the clouds. When the trees are thirsty and the earth is dry, he can ask the wind to bring the clouds and ask the clouds to release their tears. His wisdom is bound up in his flesh and by eating him, the elders will bring that wisdom into themselves.”

But Suah does not believe the stories, thinking it’s a ridiculous notion, that eating an animal could give the elders wisdom. Rashidi is truly wise as he tells his son the truth as to why it is so important, not that they will truly become wise but because “It is what our people believe. It is my duty, and someday will be yours, to nourish that belief so that their hope and faith may live and grow.”

Suah worries that once the Oracle is eaten, if he is the last then no one will be able to speak to the wind, trees and clouds, but his father replies that “the beast in this cage is but a scaled anteater. It no more talks to trees than I do. My duty is to draw upon all the stories of our people to comfort and guide them. I will present the oracle to the village and cut him up for the stew so that our neighbours can be calmed until the rains finally break and end this drought.”

Like most children, he does not listen to his father and go back to sleep. He is too curious and wants to see the Oracle

in the hut

He takes the animal out of the cage, feeling it’s stupid thinking eating an ant eater will make them wise. He names him Akiaki (A-Key-Eh-Key phonetic… not sure on this spelling) and walks for about an hour away from the village.


When he finally arrives at his special hiding place, where the oracle could stay safe, he is exhausted, and falls fast asleep.

Suah is awaken by a flash of lightning and burst of thunder. The first rains are horrendous and not safe to be in. He rushes up the bank but cannot get up. The waters are rising and he is trapped. How will he possible get back home, and even if he does escape, there are many other dangers in the forest. Read The Oracle Who Ate Ants to find out!


Have I mentioned before how insanely much I adore audible. Having a book read to me is such a refreshing change!!! Also, the narrators voice perfectly suits this story; I felt that it was Suah himself narrating the story. The inflections used by the narrator and pace really helped to bring the story alive, plus I was able to play with my son, and go for walks with him while listening to the story. The characters names are different than ones I am familiar with so I may have typos (I was able to get all the spellings except for the Oracles).

I really liked this story, it was just over an hour to listen to the novel and I could seen this being a grade 4-8 reading level depending on ability. I loved the wisdom of the father, learning about the villages culture and the surprises along Suah’s journey. I especially liked the ending and how everything in the village is changed because of what happens (I don’t want to ruin the story — if you want to know more, message me on my FB group).

If you would like to check out the Audible recording click HERE – just over ten minutes of the audible voice recording. There is also  a written section of the beginning of the book (The Prologue) when the Oracle is first captured and Suah is asking all sorts of questions.

It’s available on Amazon.com for the Kindle ($2.53), Paperback ($8.95), Audible ($6.08 or free with 30 day trial), iTunes ($5.95) or FREE when you enter my giveaway below!

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NOTE comment on this blog post for entry: “What do you think will happen to Suah and the Oracle?”

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Odds of winning depends on the number of entries. Open worldwide –  giveaway ends Tuesday, August 11, 2015 and you will need either a FREE audible account and/or Amazon.com account to claim your electronic prize. Prize is fulfilled by the promoter and not myself.

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