Stolen Generation #shortstory

“A life taken; a life preserved. Who decides the outcome of a child born to poverty, slavery, or simply the wrong skin tone or ethnic descent? At our core beats a heart, bestowing the gift of life, but who has the right to determine how that life should be lived?”

From Australian “half-cast” children being stolen from their parents, slaves being sold to the highest bidder, residential schools and the gas chambers, these are 2-3 page short stories of what could be stories from someone who had been there, lives devastated, family, culture and teachings destroyed.

“Surely, today things are different, more humane and civil. There is no longer a kill the Indian, save the child mentality, or is there? The poor, the uneducated, and the inconvenient are victimized, as in days past. We are all human. Are we perpetrating our own stolen generation?”


This was a very quick read. After each story from the past, there is a 1-2 page story from the “present” where people are in a clinical type setting. At the end it is revealed that they are in an abortion clinic. This pro-life story suggests that we have not learned from the past, linking abortions to genocide.

I could see using these short stories in school as examples of what happened in the past to teach students, but I would not include the excerpts about being in the clinic for that purpose.

I received this story free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion.


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